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The Perfect Gift for Her

August 28, 2012


Many would say women are hard to please, there might be times that one finds gifting women difficult. True, though there are a lot of things women want, finding a gift is not easy…because there’s just too many to choose from, you could end up with having not to choose at all.

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Thank goodness there are a lot of wonderful selection gifts for her that both men and women can give friends, moms, wives and girlfriends. Whatever the occasion may be, you’re sure to find a suitable gift for her. I’m sure a bouquet of flowers would be very much appreciated but go further with some chocolate lollipops to surprise her. There are also gift boxes that include trinkets along with handmade chocolates, beauty products and what-have-yous that every woman would find useful. For as long as you give her something scented with her favorite fragrance, you’re good to go.

To some, going out to dinner during a wedding anniversary is enough. But, it will definitely surprise her if she’s handed a bunch of her favorite orchids with a personalized bottle of champagne. I should know because I would be! This and a lot more  are available for you to choose from. All you need is to know what makes her tick, then choose a flower that would say what you want best. Flowers, after all, have a language of their own.

The language of flowers is not difficult to interpret, for example purple lilac symbolizes “first emotions of love” while agrimonies denote thankfulness. The red rose may be a cliche but it speaks of “true love,” add agrimonies to it in a bouquet and you are saying to the person that you’re giving it to that she’s you’re true love and you are thankful for her presence in your life. Sweet!

As for the woman who raised you and cared for you constantly, your mom, there are lovely  thank you gifts for her to choose from, unless she prefer jewelry more. Perhaps a box of biscuits or personalized cupcakes or how about a bunch of pink carnations? Pink carnations speak of “a woman’s love, a mother’s love, “I’ll never forget you,” “Always on my mind,” — I would definitely be happy to receive such from my son later on.

Choosing a gift for her may seem difficult at first but looking at it, it’s just a matter of finding what would make the other person happy, adding a little romanticism and creativity and voila, your gift is ready. Even a bouquet of flower sent to her office on a no-special-day day would speak volumes about how you feel for her.

  1. i am having a hard time interpreting the colors of the flowers … for me as long as i have something to give is enough …. flowers of different colors would be nice as it would simply say …”your life with me will be colorful” hehehehe

  2. these are perfect suggestions for the special ladies in our life. i know something that make an impact, do household chores… very effective… LOL. Yahweh bless.

  3. I would love to receive roses and chocolates or sweets:) .. I found it sweet and thoughtful.. Some say its baduy but if you are truly in love, you will do the sweetest things for the love of your life.

  4. I think not all women are hard to please especially when that woman knows his partner financially. Like for instance, I wouldn’t expect too much from my husband when i know he won’t be able to afford it for me even though he really wants me to give the things I want. i can settle for less 😀 flowers and card for a special occasion is surely fine with me 😀

  5. for me.. i dont think women is hard to please, its a common knowledge that we can be please with flowers and chocolates and jewelries or gadgets..
    i think man are the hardest to find some presents, cause they usually like expensive toys, like cars, tools and gadgets… based from my husband. ugh! i cant get him anything. panyo nalang. hehehe

  6. These are lovely! I always like the look of flowers being interspersed in items but I doubt I will get that from my husband because ever since we were dating, I always told him not to give me flowers because we need the cash more. LOL

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