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Photo Hunt – Candy

May 17, 2008

Help yourself, but don’t pick the bigger ones!

I thought of posting naked candies when these two smiled at me…so here’s my post for today; M&Ms chocolate candies!

Happy PhotoHunting Everyone!

I decided to add these two other photos I have in my stock photos file.

salzburger mozarttaler

Mozarttaler that you could get from a souvenir shop in the city, the Mostly Mozart store.

mostly Mozart

  1. They are really cute – I know my kids would love those! And M&Ms are my favourite – when I have candy. I took a different approach to the theme, so come on over and see. 😀

  2. M&Ms are one of the best tasting chocolate candies around 🙂 I have these in my pancakes.

    Have a sweet weekend.

  3. I love the mozarttaler! I always buy them whenever we visit Austria…but luckily they are also available here now…

    now I miss Salzburg because of the souvernir shop ha ha…
    thanks for sharing 🙂


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