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March 30, 2008


25 March 08

Views from a high building, well I was inside our apartment (9th floor) and above photo is the view from the North window, below photo is from the East window. Both photos taken after a brief falling of snow on a Spring day!


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  1. The nice thing about living on higher floors is that you get to see nice views from a higher elevation. Hopefully nobody builds another building to block your view later on.

  2. Whoa! What a lovely view! I vow never to live in a high-rise building after my apartment on the 18th floor swayed during an earthquake. scary.

  3. I wouldn’t mind living in a 2-story building again, but not that high! Although it is quite wonderful to be able to see so far on the horizon. I notices you are in Austria! I’m sure your weekend trips must be quite wonderful!ogcjvxsv

  4. great shooting skills, Gizelle. Both are clean views of high roofs.

    I wish there will be snows in Malaysia. 🙂

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