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  1. Oh, I love orb weaver spiders!
    Do you know why they make the thicker, hour-glass shape in the middle of the web? To deter birds from flying through the web and destroying it!

    Great pic for I Spy!
    Captured By Gravity

  2. Thanks for all the comments everyone…

    This spider was very shy….I found it by a plant, and very near the soil and it won’t even move so I wasn’t afraid to come near =D

    Just got a few clicks and left, it was really harmless but yes, I will not do it again…lol.

  3. Hi Mo! Thanks for the input there! I’m sure the birds won’t come near, its the naughty kids that the spiders should be wary about though…good day!

  4. This is for me the best theme so far, Sarge Charlie…you got wonderful posts too, but the one with Ms bee is really unforgettable 😉 Happy weekend!

  5. it didn’t turn around to give me a chance for a face photo, tnchick…and I didn’t bother him.

    Thanks Jenty, good thing it didn’t creep you out.

    Thanks Teena, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did…

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