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Photo Hunt

Photo Hunt post – “Important”

January 19, 2008



I have used this photo for many times now…after all, their smiles are what is important for me. They are an “inheritance,” important inheritance (Psalm 127:3) who needs to be protected.


This is my very first post for Photohunt, a weekly subject is given for readers to contribute and where other’s works are showcased too.

For more please visit: PhotoHunt.

  1. Thanks Elinor, I left a comment on yours too!

    Salamat Liza! Hope you and your kids are good!

    A.! Ya…each child is important to their moms. I remember a quote from a friend ‘There is only one lovely (handsome) child in the world, and every mother has it!’

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  2. Terrific photo! Your kids are really adorable!

    It’s true that a child’s smile is better than anything in the world and it can cure heartaches or sadness due to their innocence and sincerity of their smiles.


  3. Thanks napaboaniya! the kids’ smiles definitely makes someone’s day.

    True Kyels, the encouragement to be child-like is beneficial to all of us! =)

  4. Welcome to Photo Hunt. I have really enjoyed finding a photo for the weekly theme and looking to see what others have posted.

    Family is truly important. You’ve chosen a perfect entry for this week’s theme.

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