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Photo Hunt post – “Wooden”

February 24, 2008

Wooden Alphabet and Number Cubes

Oh my, I have posted so late for today… =D My kids played and learned so much with this wooden cubes. That’s my then 5 year-old daughter teaching then our 1 year-old Daniel.

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  1. Thanks Carin, I play with them too! lol.

    Yes jennnifer, its really nice when the older sister takes on the role of a teacher. =D

    Thanks Ivy, left a comment on your entry too!

    Happy weekend everyone!

  2. Great Picture and gorgeous children!

    Reminds me of the wooden blocks that my children use to play with!

    Thank you for visiting!

  3. Really good entry for the wooden theme! That’s so cute with the older teaching the younger. My mom remembers me always reading to my sister from when she first came home from the hospital!

  4. Thanks Utah mommy! They are really educational, my little boy learned reciting the numbers 1-3 after some time and he was barely 1 year-old. =) Good day!

  5. Aww… what a sweet picture — great take on the theme! Looks like she’s a great teacher, too. ;o)

    Thanks so much for stopping by for my Photo Hunt today!

  6. Thanks Krista, really fun and educational, aight?

    It was Mark, my son was a little parrot you know.

    Thanks alice audrey…Happy weekend!

  7. I used to have that wooden alphabets frame. It’s similar to the one shown in the photograph. Pero when all of us grew up, we donated it to the orphanage.


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