This is the old sticker for seating priority that can be found in all of the city’s transport system; bus, trams, trains.

This is the new sticker as a result of controversies arising from the previous sticker as being ‘sexist.’

Finally, this is the sticker as a result of a prank from the younger generation, at first look it isn’t noticeable, the added sticker of a young man with a stereo is well designed to appear that it is as though an authentic part of the four groups of people who are given priority in the vehicles.



The travelling Lindt Car- 22 February 08

I was also supposed to post a sign about the dogs not allowed to make poopoo in the grasses today. I can’t find it though and as I was browsing through my phone camera photos (I love Sony Ericsson phones!), I saw this.

A campaign for Lindt Chocolates as locals celebrate their spring festival with eggs and bunnies, not only chocolates are shaped as such but this Smart carrabbit as well. See here for more info.

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