My love for chess started when I was in gradeschool. It is one of the games we played during PEHM class (Physical Education, Health and Music). Thinking of it now, its not really under any of them, being more of a mental game, chess can’t be classified for PE, though it will stress you as much as a physical game would. (Hmmm, maybe when it rains we are forced to play indoors, thats why). Back then I play chinese checkers much too and thats where I really excelled. In highschool, I played for the school as a representative.

I bought this glass pieces back in 2004 and has been with us since then, but just last year one pawn got chipped, and a bishop went missing, apparently taken home by a little boy who visited :D. I found the other chipped piece last week and decided I’d put them together, fortunately its also the perfect subject for today’s theme!

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Happy weekend everyone!

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