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Photohunt- Hope

January 2, 2009

This theme wasn’t so easy…I have been looking for a certain photo but can’t find it so here is one similar to it.


I took these shots in April of 2008, yes, in spring. Blue, for me, is the color of hope…as one song goes.

Why? Simply because a cloudless sky is blue and when you look up, you’d be reminded that “when the world turns its back on you, He is the only one who remains. “

Also, springtime is as synonymous to hope, when the flowers bloom we know, brighter days are ahead. So we hear ‘spring of hope,’ ‘hope springs eternal’ and so on. Here are some more of the spring flowers from April of 2008.

whiteflowers tulip

Happy Photohunting!

Join this meme:

  1. Yeah, the theme was difficult, until I got the inspiration while dropping off Xmas presents.

    Hoped your New Year was wonderful.

  2. What beautiful photos to illustrate this theme, especially when we are snowed in and hope for Spring soon.

    Happy weekend.

  3. Blue’s my favorite color too and yeah, love it when I see blue skies (which, sadly, is not as often as I would like over here in Hong Kong).

  4. I like your optimism! winter time has just begun and we here in the east coast part of the US sometimes have to endure it until late spring- we go from winter-to-summer! we had snow one time in Easter, I think!!

    These photos are beautiful and hopeful to see as where I am, we’re still recovering from a snowstorm that’s left us with 5 inches of snow and cleaning up… sigh.

  5. WHat beautiful shots. I’m glad it won’t be long before the first bulbs are in bloom. Happy weekend and a happy New Year

  6. Your contributions are all stunning photographs. I like the interpretation of the them. My contribution relies on a guest photographer today. But it is definitely a grandfather’s hope for the future.

  7. Great pictures of hope and spring!! Living in the Pacific North WHITE at the moment, I can only hope for spring to come quickly. Happy 2009 to you~

  8. lovely flower pictures!! haaay, sana meron ganito sa Pinas. Meron naman pero sa mga resorts/parks mo makikita, hindi sa kung saan-saan lang;) my PH is up here

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