It has been a year now since my daughter started her piano lessons. In the course of that year she learned Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, Für Elise and Mozart’s piece of  Twinkle twinkle Little Star among others. She barely had the time to practice in summer since we were always out and about. Also, my older sister’s keyboard was not at home so dawty doesn’t have something to practice on.

I ‘ve always associated “Opus” with classical music. Well, it does denote the number of the work of a musical composition that’s why. So when I read somewhere the  opus x, I immediately thought it to be a piece of piano composition. It was far from it though. Anyway, dawty is now learning number 7 of Opus 823 (The Little Pianist) by Carl Czerny. I haven’t heard it much played since I mostly listen to Pachelbel, Bach and so on but the piece is surely one of the best too. I’d post a video as soon as I’m able to capture one.