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Piano Weekend

October 19, 2009


I once asked my daughter if she would like to take ballet lessons. She said no, so I explained that it would be fun to learn it at least, I was surprised when she said, “I’d like to learn playing the piano.”

When I was a kid I would tag along my older sister’s piano lessons but only to watch her…now I wonder why I didn’t learn the instrument. Hearing Pachelbel or Bach made me realize that it was a big mistake on my part. I guess a five-year-old has no ambitions yet :D. So there, my daughter is taking lessons by the weekend and since she used to play the flute it was easy for her to read the notes and can play a few already after 2 sessions. Maybe, I’ll enroll myself too, that is of course after I finish my German course…



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  1. Wow G! There is an artist and musician in the making! And look at her posture, superb and very graceful.

    Hehehe, I used to play the accordion, it was in during the 70’s and I cannot play it anymore.

    Thanks for your entry to OWM!

  2. She’s easy learner pala, maybe because she is so into it.
    Ako walang alam na kahit anong musical instrument, maliban sa torotot if you consider it one, sana yung 2 kong boys eh kahit papaano may mahiligan.

  3. oh lucky little girl! my daughter want’s to learn too but her mom does not have enough funds to enroll her. Good luck to her..once she asks that am sure she will grow up real good at it.

    thank you for joining us this week at OWM. 🙂

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