At Prague's main train station

One of our recent trip was to Prague, early October — a somewhat confusing month for the weather. ^_^ Normally, October is a cold month as autumn has begun in September and rain sometimes pour along. It has been like that for 8 years — the years plus 1 that I’ve been in this lovely city. This year and last’s was a bit confusing! As summer started late and ended late, autumn follow suit and up until the middle of the month, the sun was still shining. It was favorable for travel yes, but one can never be sure about the weather, rightfully called fickle-minded.

Our trip was in the first week so I was torn in packing a light jacket, a rain jacket or a quilted jacket in case Prague has lower temperature than Vienna. Turns out it’s the same…a bit chilly in the morning and at night but the sun would shine and the wind would blow cool breezes. A long-sleeved shirt would suffice for walking about the historic city.

Little boy (son2) donned a practically simple autumn getup: black H&M pants, Benetton longsleeve shirt and blue Puma shoes – his favorite, citing that they’re the fastest shoes he got — because of pumas on top! 🙂

Welcome to Prague


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