I’m losing faith with online printing services. Last month I finished shooting portraits of the children at my son’s kindergarten. I got the photos printed in different sizes as requested by the parents. I also got photo stickers. Less than a week, the photos came but the colors were off; too yellow and some of the ears of the kids were cut out a bit. So it was all a waste. I have emailed the customer service of the printing company and told them of the dilemma. I certainly hope I get refunded even just part of what I paid.

(This is my son’s cut-ear or cut-hair photo.)

This occurence definitely made me think of getting one of those really powerful photo printers. Having our own printer at home means I get to be in control of the colors and the layout. Mind you, I specifically looked at the sticker layout. The online printing service I chose has a layout option where you can crop the photo first before ordering…I saw to it that the kids are in the middle and will not be cut out, not even a single hair but it still happened. 🙁

I’ve been looking and so far I got ideas from other photographers’ blogs. There are a lot of printers in the market and a lot to consider when buying. ‘What you need it for’ and ‘how much your budget is’ are two of the most considered questions. Consider: there are those for large format photo printers. These printers have a great deal of features, designed to print larger photo sizes. They are bigger and bulkier than portable photo printers and are installed with very high quality ink technology. There are portable photo printers too, ultra-compact and as the name suggests, can be easily carried. These printers can only print 4″ x 6″ size photos and is usable without computer connection. They are great for producing photos immediately like the trend for photo souvenirs during weddings.

I still haven’t chosen but I am definitely going to request hubby to buy one. ^_^