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Pixel bug weekend

Rainy Weekend

April 18, 2010

It’s certainly spring and the rain accompanied the flowers as they bloom…Unlike kids, I don’t enjoy rain much. Surely the kids enjoy thumping about not caring if they get wet…One reason why the bible’s advice to remain a child at heart is a good thing! 😀

Anyway it was a whole week of raining, save for Friday when my daughter had to go to a farm, 1 hour away from school. I wasn’t able to go with them (sayang!)  this time. I only listened to AB’s stories of the sheep running about, the horses and the grasses they eat, the rabbits and their tiny ears and how she carried a lamb on her arms. She also saw ducks in the pond, chickens along with their chicks but they weren’t allowed to touch any much to her disappoinment.

It was a good thing though that she still wore the rainboots we bought the day before, she came home with them full of mud.

hannah montana

AB chose this Hannah Montana rainboots herself. So no matter how much she thumps on water, I wouldn’t worry that her leggings would get wet (hopefully).


Finally, Sunday was as it’s name supposed to be, sunny! I bought some strawberries the other day and decided to make strawberry milkshake but a piece of our blender was missing so I instead make this (tweaked) fruit smoothie. Recipe is here.

—Enjoy the week!—


  1. I wish we had those rains here.. 🙂 Cool boots! I don’t like getting my feet wet during rains either.
    That looks like a resto made fruit shake, looks yummy! I love strawberries 🙂

  2. Oh my!Sobrang photogenic ang starwberry milkshake mo!And the rain boots,magugustuhan yan ng panganay ko! Dito naman sa Japan,full bloom na ang sakura.^_^

    re:busy ngayon sa school,alam mo naman siguro sa culture dito–obentou and all that.Masaya naman kahit minsan nakakapagod lol!Have a nice week ahead!^_^

  3. such cool boots AB got there!

    Wow Mommy G, you take so nice photos. Sometime soon, I hope to get a good camera too. Photography seems interesting 🙂

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