Have you settled down into a hotel room for a vacation and just on your first day you realize it was the wrong hotel for you? It happened once to us, because I did not specifically told the agent that we are ok with bigger rooms, she got us a cheap package deal with very small rooms and no extra amenities and services (pool, fitness room, game room and so). It was actually fine since it’s common that guests stay there to sleep, take a bath and eat in the mornings. However, a game room for kids (and kids at heart) and  a pool would be nice too.

This is why we now prefer home vacation rentals over hotels. This is a photo of our neighboring apartments during last summer’s Italy vacation. We had a pool shared and the place was a few minutes walk to the beach. (We stayed here for a week.) The flat has 2 bedrooms, a fully functional kitchen, a big bathroom and furnished living room as well as a big terrace. This is vacationing compatible to a big family like ours. Having a home-like atmosphere, made the experience of traveling with children so much more comfortable. Rather than being crammed into one hotel room, we enjoyed having separate bedrooms and space. It also saved us so much money on dining since we could avoid the high prices of restaurants and we get to cook fresh fish we bought from the market.

Now see the new vacation rental commercial from Vacation Rental.org. Below is a sneak peek of the commercial (lol). The man has a point, rentals are far cheaper so don’t let the man in a unitard find you cramped up in a hotel room!  Have a rental, it’s cheaper and more convenient!