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We Love Ride on Toys

November 14, 2011

ride on toy

Who can resist ride on toys? My kids had a fair share of ride on toys and bicycles over the years and whenever we get the chance to visit the Praterstern, we — hubby and I included ride bump cars with them. There are different types of ride on toys and cars and I’m quite sure we’ve had them all, only I can’t find the photos now.  There’s push ride-ons which my daughter loves having his little brother on while she pushes. There’s the battery-powered ones like in the photo above. This is especially convenient for the little boy who hasn’t learned how to ride a bike yet. There are also pedal toy vehicles which is smaller than a bike and easier to navigate. They usually have 3 wheels so a kid doesn’t need to balance him or herself while on it.

Ride on toys are the best way to go if you have toddlers, even a rocking horse is enjoyable for them. They’ll surely treasure this piece as soon and as long as they’re able to ride on them. We’ve had this red battery-operated ride since 2006 – yes, five years and running. I think we got this as a gift and I’m really thankful since not only had my older son used  it, little boy enjoyed it since he was two. We still have this toy at home but we’re planning on getting him a bike soon so we’ll probably give it off to his 3-year-old cousin. By then, I can say that this ride on toy has come a long way — 5 years and counting!

ride on toy


  1. That’s fun ride for kids!

    I have two girls and the rest of my nieces are female too so we barely think about ride on toys for their plaything. But the newest addition to our family is finally a boy. He may get to enjoy the same fun ride in few years time. 🙂

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