I decided to put this post together for these memes since the project I did is something that I wanted to do for the longest time. The kid’s room makeover….

I wasn’t able to take photos of the ‘before’ and its nice because I do not want everyone seeing how it was. πŸ˜€

So I did was take out the bed that was under the double decker. Well, it was definitely something new for the bigger boy who sleeps there…

Afterwards I tidied up the books in a shelf that wasn’t really used much before. The books used to be in the study table, clamped up. Now they are somehow stacked up neatly as well as some dvds, puzzles, coloring books, memory games and other card games.

I haven’t finished yet, I still need to hang up some artworks by each of the kids, perhaps that would be my next project as well….