Do you watch (or have watched) the comedy series Scrubs? I do, hubby and I always have a good laugh watching it and we’d giggle more when Elliot speaks German. She also looks good wearing scrubs…Before, scrubs are only worn by nurses and surgeons and other operating room personnel when performing surgery. Nowadays it is worn also by every hospital personnel. There are many manufacturers of scrubs and nursing uniforms and thank goodness they design them all sleek and chic.

I am always reminded of one of my best buddies, Catt (wearing white in photo), when I watch the show.  Like Elliot, she looks awesome in whatever she wears, whether casual, formal or when she wears scrubs and lab coats. She was always the kengkay in our barkada, the one most sought after by guys and the most maldita as well (peace  Catt!). She left when we were in college, she was taking physical therapy then but took nursing when she got to the states. Still prim and proper each and every night after long hours of being on night duty. 😉

I haven’t seen her for 9 years but this month would break that long years of separation. We have scheduled plans of going out with other friends to bond and catch up with each others lives…it would be really nice, full of fun, laughter and stories….bonding again like we’ve only seen each other yesterday! See you girl!