In the deepest recesses of your heart, you knew there was a reason you loved your mother-in- law.  Sure, both of you may not always agree on things, but on certain “important” occasions, she does know how to step up and feed your fantasy.  This time, she has just got you tickets to the Colorado Rockies vs. Atlanta Braves game!

sell tickets
ticket for daughter’s dance on stage

 Your joy is short-lived though, as you hit your head with a rolled up newspaper, realizing that the day of the game falls on the same day of your best friend’s wedding.  What do you do now?  Don’t be desperate and wish that the earth swallows you whole, as you can always sell tickets at stubhub. StubHub is an online portal which allows you to buy and sell tickets to various events – ranging from sports games to theater events, to Lady Gaga concerts. It’s an online marketplace for ticket reselling tickets. They even offer what’s called Last Minute Services which lets you list your tickets until a few hours before the event. You don’t have to feel intimidated at all, as the task of selling your tickets is easy as pie. And you can be sure there ain’t illegally sold as was during the Olympics.

You start off by clicking “Sell” at the top of the StubHub website.  And then, you click the Start Selling button.


Once you’re asked what you’re selling, you simply have to choose for which event the ticket you’re selling is from the list of events on the website.  You then enter you ticket details- number of tickets, where the seats are, etc.


Next, you set the price for your tickets.  To help you with this step, StubHub will give you a list of similar tickets, so you’ll have something to base your price on.


When somebody buys your tickets, you’ll receive a confirmation email from StubHub with a link to print the label.  You then slap the label and the tickets in a FedEx envelope, drop it off at a FedEx facility and you’re all done.


So, if you think that those tickets you’ve just purchased will have to go straight to the rubbish bin, you couldn’t be more wrong.  Your trash could very well be someone else’s treasure, the other guy must have missed watching Spain’s football championship win this year, he’d definitely go watch the next one.