My son will be 2 years old in 2 weeks time. Though a little young, I thought that it would be good for him if he goes now to the same Kindergarten where his older brother goes. If he gets used to it, I’d have a few hours in the morning to do things at home or perhaps go on a language or cooking course.

As part of the integration, I am to stay with him for the meantime until he gets used to being with Moni and Gabi and the other kids.

While there, I was able to take photos of him enjoying everything and seeing how he enjoys it there made me think of the times when we were playing together…those times when I was teaching him how to say dog, hund, inu, el perro and aso or cat, katze, neko, el gato and pusa…and how I would laugh when he would keep insisting that a pig is an ‘aso’ or a cow is also an ‘aso.’ How he would make me laugh as he says words with ‘s’ in a funny way…

Like, him being in the kindergarten means less for me to do but less fun for the day too! He would help me hang the clothes to dry, he would pick them up one by one and give it to me while saying ‘Momie, o’ motioning a shirt up for me to take. When we’re finished, he would take the hamper back to the washroom…

He has had times of being naughty, sure. But most of the time, he is naughty only when he is with his dad. =D

One time, after bringing my daughter to school, I saw as i opened the door; him, with a very patient expression as if waiting for me. Hubby said he got angry as the little boy played with butter, and at the same time spilled cooking oil on the floor-lol.

I still got lots to say about the things I’d miss with my little boy not being around. How he would feed everything to the fishes, like paper and coins, or how he would put a whole tissue roll down the toilet bowl and how he would scribble permanent ink on our sofa and walls.

Tsk tsk…I guess it is true, moms have more of the separation anxiety than the kids, no? =D

It really is hard to let go, or it is too early to let go and see my little boy becoming independent, not needing mommy anymore…*sigh*