I’ve been following a friend’s pregnancy since day 1 until she started wearing maternity scrubs and now that the twins are starting to be chubby. They’ve definitely gained much after a month.

My friend has been complaining about the weight gain she had during the pregnancy because she used to wear size 2 before and would always look awesome. She’s still fab 50 lbs after but she definitely wants to tone down. Having twins is not easy so I’m sure she’d be able to lose more in the coming months.

For some of us, it’s not easy to slim down after giving birth. To some it’s as though they didn’t even gain any weight and looks as though they weren’t preggy at all.

Here are some tips one can do to shake off extra pounds after giving birth.

Breastfeed. It’s effective, to me at least, to lose weight when breastfeeding. Some says not but there’s no harm in trying. Breastfeeding is anyway best for your babies.

Eat super foods, busy moms need all the nutrition and not the fat to keep up with the tasks of caring for the kids and keeping everything spic and span. Super food group includes fish for their DHA content. Milk and Yogurt are also listed for their high calcium content. There’s chicken, beans and tuna too for protein and fiber.

Drink lots. Drinking makes you feel full so you lessen the urge to munch on something you get ahold of. It also keeps you hydrated and going.

Jump rope. Or hula-hoop or do jumping jacks. This is something I do and it does help. Fifteen minutes a day with interval rests of 1 minute after a continuous 2 minute movement works wonders. If not, climb up the stairs. I do that everyday and we live on the 9th floor.

Most importantly, sleep. You probably know by now that sleeping late makes you fatter and studies support that. It has to do with confusing our body’s rhythm of night and day and of cortisol releasing a nightly dose of sugar into the bloodstream for energy, insulin then rises to store that sugar as fat.

In the end, it still concludes to : a healthy lifestyle.

(In photo; my friend in lila and coworkers in their Cherokee scrubs.)