As if the social networking sites I am a member of aren’t enough, I joined another one…Acobay,it is the newest interactive site for people who shares the same interest.

You can blog, share and review stuff you own, and upload photos for your reviews. The site is easy to navigate and doesn’t have complicated buttons and all those.

Acobay is relatively new, they are still building it up but having experienced firsthand the share my stuff part, I guess this site will buzz up soon. It provides user insights on products written about by members, this reviews would surely help someone who is deciding on what to buy as they are written by consumers as well.

At this moment there are about 12,000 stuff in various categories as a result of users writing down their opinion, recommendations and reviews. From cars to toy cars, audio to movies, computers to musical intruments, home stuff to travel its all there, and yes, even your pets has a place there too.

This is also a great place to promote your blog, I left my link under the “Anything” category…am now counting how much visitors came over to visit.