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Silly me!

October 16, 2008

I am really nice and friendly, perhaps even too honest. I respect all people, no matter the looks, color or language. But I guess its true, no two persons could be alike, perhaps the exact opposite! For the past 6 years I befriended a lot of older people since I find them interesting and respectful. But this day is different.

Today I was walking with the kids home…I felt conscious that someone is gazing at me intently…as I pass by the bus station an older woman stood there, with eyes wide open as if her stare could melt me away. I politely said Gruß Gott!, as a greeting.

What did the old woman do? She rolled her eyes and looked away. I felt really bad…it was the first time. So I walked behind her, waiting for her to look back…she didn’t—I was farther away when she did and so I asked her, ‘Do you have a problem with me?’ The first time I confronted somebody too.

Too funny but stupid, she was waving her hand and told off the very first person ( a local) coming her way, words that I didn’t hear anymore.

I think that was her way of annoying other people. Yes, staring at foreigners like that…I was already full for the day but ironically, I even gave time to say a polite Gruß Gott and stopped to ask what’s her problem. Silly me!

  1. i am sorry you were at the receiving end of such rude behaviour. however, there are a lot of people suffering from cultural ignorance and sometimes this “disease” manifests itself in rudeness.

    you’ve been cyberhugged 😀

  2. What a sad experience. It is so upsetting when people, whether old or young, treat other people differently because of their race. I hate that too.

    Di bale, just make sure to teach your children not to take racial attacks sitting down. Good work!

  3. parang ansarap niyang sabunutan ano? matanda nga siya pero para atang mas malala sa bata umakto. Di bale, sis..pinakita mong mas maganda ang ugali mo sa kanya, iyon ang importante.

  4. So sorry to hear about this awful experience. It happens to everyone who decides to live as an immigrant in a foreign land. There will always be some people who would hate or dislike us just because for what we are.

    Just ignore people like her next time. I strongly suggest that you don’t give her the pleasure of knowing that she got your attention. Ignorant and narrow-minded people like her deserve to be totally ignored. I might even spit on her grave someday.

  5. wow hanep. good thing you didn’t lose your cool! isipin mo nalang she’s having a bad day and misery loves company. hehe.

  6. grrr! kakainis ang ganyan ano Giz. Well, she don’t deserved your greetings. Ay naku ay naku…nakikicarried away ako.
    Mabuti na lang cool ka pa rin.

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