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  1. Blooming good show.
    Love the colours,love the angle,both shows off a beautiful blue sky.

    come see mine and the goat man too.

  2. Now I must say these are great and very well frammed photos. with fantastic tulips popping up in first plan.

  3. Hello there Mirage and a very warm welcome to Sky Watch… Two beautiful pictures to start us of with.. each one is a stunner.


  4. Elaine, it would have been smart if I joined earlier on lol, I was really busy in the other blog thats why…

    Thanks Daniel, Thanks Old Wom Tigley, I’d enjoy this meme for sure, thanks for it.

    boobie, I am fortunate to have a flexible lens for my camera that I don’t need to lie down but just hold the camer properly, thanks!

  5. Beautiful shots! I love tulips.I wish they grew abundantly here but I guess they just wouldn’t survive the hot temperature.

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