My youngest son is a sleepyhead, no doubt. He suddenly falls asleep while eating, playing and in different places and position. He falls asleep at different or odd times of the day too. At one time, his kuya (older brother) told me that during lunch at the kindergarten, he slept on an empty plate while waiting for food to be served.

It is but normal for kids to sleep at different times of the day, however, if it is excessive sleepiness there could be a possibility of a disorder, Narcolepsy.

Narcolepsy in children, as well as in adults, is characterized by excessive daytime sleepiness even after adequate night time sleep.

My little boy gets adequate sleep, 9 -10 hours at most. So I have been wondering why when I look for him, I’d see him lying down on the floor, or sitting on the sofa, eyes closed.

I haven’t told his doctor about this condition until now, I was simply enjoying taking photos of the little boy (yeah, there’s a guilty feeling to it). I wasn’t aware of Narcolepsy then, thinking he’s just a sleepyhead, but now that I do, I’d be asking for advice from his doc.