This was little boy when he was exactly 3 months old…I had him most of the time on a baby carrier than in a stroller. It was more convenient for me and I know that its better for him especially on cold days. I had the carrier for 9 months, the little boy got bigger and learned to walk at that time.

Baby carriers and slings are a convenient option for moms to carry their babies around. Aside from the emotional comfort babies get, they are physically close to their moms giving them more security. Thankfully, Baby slings offers different carriers, wraps and slings that can be used from ages 0-36 months. Yes, even for toddlers.

The ergo baby carrier is one that resembles what I used before, although theirs could be used to carry the baby on one’s back. Added padding gives this carrier a comfortable feel to its wearer.

Designed for all sizes (with stunning colors too), longer straps that can be modified are available for those with taller frames.

The ergo baby carrier is originally for babies from 4 months to 3 years but with an Infant Insert it can also be used for newborns.

Clothing allergies? No worries, babysling products are tested and made to make your baby’s skin comfortable.

Visit their site, which is designed for easy browsing as products where arranged on different categories, style, brand, price and baby age. See the lovely products they offer and pick one that suits your tastes.