Sure the Iphone has become the most hyped about smartphone the past years but there are a lot of other phones that are worth checking out. Cellular phone services are offering different packages for consumers to choose from.

Smartphones have rocketed both in demands in sale compared to feature phones because  they offer more advanced computing ability and connectivity Smartphones and feature phones may. be thought of as handheld computers integrated within a mobile telephone, but while most feature phones are able to run applications based on platforms such as Java ME, a smartphone usually allows the user to install and run more advanced applications. Smartphones run complete operating system software providing a platform for application developers. Like feature phones, a smartphone can be considered as a Personal Pocket Computer with mobile phone functions, because these devices are mainly computers, although much smaller than a desktop computer. Agree?

Above is Hubby’s review of the LG Optimus. Though this doesn’t support flash 10.1, with actionscript 3 it is less with the event listeners but once the function is invoked then the cpu gets reved up. For a smartphone it could be a killer once a flash movie with multiple instances of added movie clips are being drawn with visual filter like drop shadows and blend modes.

Other phones that have great features are the HTC Mozart 7, the Samsung Gravity, Blackberry Curve and Torch and the Nokia C6. I don’t plan yet of buying a new one since hubby got me the Iphone 4 in exchange of the 3G last month but these phones are in consideration should we decide to switch.