Like vanilla and rose

Walking near the kids’ school one spring morning, I chanced upon a bush with beautiful flowers with a lighter shade of purple. The smell of vanilla and rose combined took me in all the more and I was glad I had my camera with me, I took some shots.

Unfamiliar with the sweet, intoxicating but pleasant smell, I asked friends what these are. I learned that they are Lilacs. Shame that I knew a lot of flowers and lilac was not one them then. The bushes where I saw these beauties from where actually high enough to cover the houses behind them, I think they’re perfect for additional shade and perhaps as a fence? I learned that Lilacs are easy to care for…I definitely am considering getting this for mom for those reasons.

My mom loves to plant but she doesn’t have that much time to do now. I guess bushes like lilacs will be the most ideal for her to still have flowers beautifying her home, have a good smell of the flowers as the wind blows and of course acting up as a fence of sorts.

Have any ideas which flowering bushes to plant? Let me know by commenting. Would appreciate your input. Thank you!