This age is far different from when I was little. Back then we use films for photos, we get them printed and mounted on frames or in photo albums. That doesn’t guarantee them from getting moist and eventually the images fade. That is why half of my heart is thankful that now we can store photos and files with a click of the mouse. They can also be printed as photobooks which lasts longer than photos in albums. The other half of me misses manual cameras, dark rooms and printing my own photos there…I am after all, an old-school photographer. So here are some of the photos of my kids I stored and turned into digiscraps…It would be nice to get this printed too, no?

My daughter has a signature smile…that without showing her teeth but just thinning her lips. She still smiles like this and very seldom that she would show her teeth in a photo. Nope, she has no idea yet who Gwyneth Paltrow is. 🙂  (Photos taken when she was 15-months-old, 13-months-old and 3-years-old.)


My second was a very happy baby…most of his photos are like this baby shot always with eyes so chinky.We call him kengkoy (silly) until now. Yet he could be serious too when he wants to as you see in the other photo. (Photos taken when he was 7-months-old and 6-years-old)

This is my youngest. He was so serious when he was a baby as opposed to his older brother. I remember how he wouldn’t budge even if he gets tickled. He wouldn’t even giggle over a funny face.  He gradually changed and himself a kengkoy now. (Photos taken when he was 7-months-old and almost 4.)


3 on 3.


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