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Parents, as well as grandparents are always happy to see the first step of their babies or grandkids. It will be all the more fun if it is captured, remember; it’s one of those Kodak moments!
However, a photo would not really show that a baby is actually walking so a video would be better, it may not always really be the very first step but at least the very first walk the baby did after learning to balance itself.

Here is my older son, at 9 months old (+ days) walking. His very first step was actually on March 13, 2004 (8 months and 6 days) , this video was taken a month after as he was hesitant to really walk and would prefer to crawl (babies get lazy sometimes).

Second son (below) was a little late in the walking department, his first step was on January 7, 2007 (9 months and 8 days) and this video was sometime in February.

Then, there is also a recording of baby’s first time to laugh, crawl and have a tooth among others. I did a little digiscrapping to it, got it printed and placed in the first pages of my daughter’s baby album. (Materials courtesy of Marie @


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