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Stay at Home Mom Project for May 1 – Stone Paperweights

May 1, 2008

Congratulations to Tanya and Enzo for their Petal Shower Art Project , you are the SAHM project winner for April 1. You win tshirts courtesy of Zara.
For today’s Project, the kids and I did some Stone Paperweight decorations.

What you need:
Stones, wash and dry before using
Gel , small flower decorations
itsy bitsy buttons

This project was easy for the kids, I did not really explain what they need to do. I gave them the stones and did ths project on their own. Little boy was unfortunately asleep at the time.

Product by Little girl.

Product by older son.

The stones could be used as paperweights or simple decos, I had them displayed by our window.

  1. Go Ahead Ruby, we had fun doing it, the kids would pick up stones on our way home because they want to make more…

  2. we won? we won! yay! Enzo was thrilled when I told him we won a prize! We’d better get back to our art projects soon— we’ve been out of circulation lately since we’ve been under the weather. thanks Giselle! Your SAHM project really rocks!

  3. I love this little gems .. gonna make some with my boys I think! I have finally managed to do a SAHM post, moving to Canberra slowed me down a bit, but a post went up just in time for the 1st June 🙂

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