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Stay At Home Mom Project – Kid’s Painting

February 18, 2008

alexie painting

Painting or drawing can get messy sometimes, especially for younger tots. Our walls at home would once in a while have markers on them, handprints and taped papers with scribbles. Messy as it may be, kids should not be stopped doing so.

Painting at an early age gives children the capability to recognize colors as they choose what colors to paint with. They see how combining the primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) create other colors.

Painting also becomes an outlet for kids to express their emotions that they can not easily speak out. Stroking, or simlply having to hold the brush practices their motoring skills…they learn how to do darker tones or paint lightly in the process.

Its good to have coloring books but blank papers give them more space for creativity. Who knows, your kid will someday join the ranks of Van Gogh or Monet when honed early. =)

  1. It’s good to develop the motor skills of a young child. I have always believed that parents should try to push through as much activities for their children because they are still young and fresh as they can adapt to these activities given. Plus, it may hone their skills and it can even be their rice bowls in the future.


  2. True Kyels, my husband started watching his dad fix computers when he was still a young boy , upto this day, his fascination with PCs remained…we recieve many calls from people who needs PC repair.. =D Too bad hubby doesnt have time. Its the same with his illustrations, he started out as a youngboy and he he has benefited much from it. Good day!

  3. I always try to encourage my daughter to create art in her spare time. Good thing that she is interested and quite passionate about it. To document her work, I scanned her drawings and made digital versions of them. Seeing them go digital, she is encouraged to create more art. It’s really rewarding to see our children develop a passion for something even at a tender age. Every parent should take time to nurture and encourage their children’s talents no matter how little or great they may seem. Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

  4. Hi Kcee! I’ve been looking for your comment for a long time =D Thanks for dropping by, in case you have some projects you want to share to us moms please give us the link…thank you so much!

  5. Will do.:) I forgot to type the link of my daughter’s work, so you’ll have an idea more or less. I posted it in my blog. Thanks and have a great day! 🙂

    By the way, can I add you to my link list?

    BaReFooTed Me

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