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SAHM Project

Stay At Home Mom Project – Tea-candle Glass Decoration

March 16, 2008
I have been collecting candles and candle holders for as long as I can remember…as I was caught in the hype when I was still in the Philippines. I still buy some up until now but due to lack of space at home I could only buy small ones.

For today’s SAHM Project, the kids and I simply decorated our own tea-candle holders.

What you will need:

Clear,small glasses (in which a tea-candle will fit)
Tea candles
Window color gels

Wet tissue (to wipe off colors from hands)

How to:

Squeeze the gel on glass, make patterns, dots or draw anything you like. Just make sure that you hold the glass properly so it won’t get wiped off or stuck on fingers.

Use different colors alternately…pause for about two minutes to let the gel dry up before using another color. This will minimize the risk of wiping the color off or mixing them with other colors even at the tip.

And there! Have the gel completely cool.

Finished products, that of the youngest has been rubbed off a little, he was happy holding the glass however he wanted.

By daughter and by me. =D

With lit tea-candles.

Two thumbs up for Mommy Razz and cutie Nicole who were the first to post for today’s SAHM Project. Mommy receives a Big Hello Kitty bag while Nic gets a smaller one….please go visit their ‘clay play‘.

Get the chance to win too, post yours now!
  1. thanks for sharing this to us Kcee. I lost your other comment again, I can’t follow the tag…I’ll check on your site though =)

  2. Hi, I posted my 1st comment
    here. But I’ll just repost here again. 🙂

    “I always try to encourage my daughter to create art in her spare time. Good thing that she is interested and quite passionate about it. To document her work, I scanned her drawings and made digital versions of them. Seeing them go digital, she is encouraged to create more art. It’s really rewarding to see our children develop a passion for something even at a tender age. Every parent should take time to nurture and encourage their children’s talents no matter how little or great they may seem. Thanks for sharing this!”

    Btw, I already added the SAHM Project logo to my sidebar. Hope other moms can join in, too. 🙂

    BaReFooTed Me

  3. Naku, she turns the room upside down when she’s doing her artwork. She also draws on the bed sheet. So we get new ‘abstract designs’ there, in different strokes and sizes. She makes all the possible mess known to moms, lol.

    Her drawings are originally on white background (sketch pad). I just placed them on yellow background to make them more colorful. 🙂

  4. Lol, she’s like my son who’s becoming an ‘indoor grafitti artist!’ lol….but just let her, nanjan naman tayo para maglinis hihi..

  5. No matter how much we tell them to behave when painting, wala di makikinig no kcee? Eto di ko na mabura…indoor graffiti ng older son here. =D

  6. These are absolutely awesome, this is a definite goer as an activity. Might be good for those elusive xmas presents for the Grandparents!

  7. The graffiti is cute! Don’t erase it yet. Children love seeing their work. It might inspire him to do more. But hopefully, on a sketch pad or drawing board naman, next time 🙂

  8. I tried doing the whole ‘romantic setting’ thingy in the bathroom (alone.. :P) with candles in glasses like those but after a while the glass cracked and shot up. Do you need special glasses for putting candles in or will any do?


    p.s. Now if i could only find those gel thingies. HMMM..


  9. oh hello emoporer, sorry for the very late reply…i guess the candles need to be the smaller ones…but to be sure ask the dealers which glass will last with candle light…=)

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