There are companies who aim to give their names a good image. There are those who already established that and unfortunately there are those that were tarnished with a bad reputation propagated in the internet. This could be because of bad service and review that customers encountered. Ebay for one is a service that has many flaws along with bogus sellers that you and I would sometimes encounter. Ebay has since introduced a rating system to help customers in finding legitimate sellers with good services.

What about those articles that were already written – those that keeps coming at the top list of search engines? Is there a way to remove if not lower its rank? If there are services offered to boost rank, there surely is one that will help a company lower negatively written articles. These are coined online reputation management services in the blogosphere and are done by experts. A handful of ORM (online reputation management) techniques could be done online like promotional activity through new content writing, involvement in the social web sphere (through forums, blogs, social networking), promotion of existing positive content and building social profiles. This way, the negative links would be pushed down by positive feedbacks and would not be as visible as before.


So far, I haven’t experienced having foul reputation, nor do I think I would. But then again, I know now what to do in case such a thing happens. The internet is a powerful tool , we’ve read and experienced that a lot already. It’s but wise to take extra-precautions.