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November 28, 2009



Hubby is a self-confessed tech geek. Computers, game consoles, mini gadgets, name it and he has it. Above photo is his work area. Two Apple monitors (for more use of his arts), a dslr, an iphone, a mini-PC and a Macbook below it (covered with paper). Guess where in our house is this corner?…too bad, in the bedroom. So it’s inevitable that when waking up, he’d go straight there and browse, check emails etc. (Sorry for the photo, I used a phone camera since I had to include the camera in the photo lol.)

True, we’ve been far into the world of technology than we were years ago. Though in my opinion, however advanced man may be, however helpful all the invented gadgets are, however technology can make anything beautiful…the work of God seen in mother nature is still the best tech that none could compare.




Thankful for technology for the convenience of recording a wonderful child’s milestone, for easily being able to transfer files and for helping reach out to friends who are million miles away.

My 3 year-old singing “TomArrow” 😀

  1. Technology is something we have become so reliant about but we really shouldn’t forget to take the time and effort to literally smell the natural flowers, right? :b

  2. Oh I agree! Nobody beats God when it comes to technology and beauty!

    I’m a tech geek, too. I see an Asus Eee in the photo!! Woooo!

    My Photo Hunt is up! Have a great weekend.

    Mrs. Mecomber
    New York Traveler.net

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