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The Blue Danube and Vienna Sausage

February 2, 2008

man on boat at the Danube

The Danube, Vienna

I am taking a break from the Paris experience to give way for the City Daily Photos theme for this month ‘When people think of my City, they think of…’ This is originally in my other blog but would like to share it here too.

One; the famous Waltz, Blue Danube by Austrian composer Johann Strauss II. The song originally has an accompanying lyrics but through the years, the instrumental (particularly the orchestral version) gained fame and is the most commonly used nowadays.

To hear the song please click here.

The lyrics of the song pertain to the Donau or Danube which is the longest river in the European Union that passes through several Central and Eastern European Capitals, one of which is Vienna. Part of the song lyrics goes:

Donau so blau, so schön und blau,durch Tal und Au wogst ruhig du hin,dich grüßt unser Wien, dein silbernes Band.knüpft Land an Land und fröhliche Herzen schlagen an deinem schönen Strand.
When translated:

Danube so blue, so bright and blue,through vale and field you flow so calm,our Vienna greets you, you silver stream through all the lands you merry the heart with your beautiful shores.

Below is a statue of Johann Strauss II. Less than a minute after I posted it in flickr today, there was a comment (from Gary Hall of California) saying: ‘Stadtpark – Wien, Austria’ so I guess people think of Johann’s statue too when they think of Vienna as this is located in the 1st district frequented by tourists.



vienna sausage

On a lighter note, people also think of Vienna sausage immediately when they hear ‘Vienna.’ It has become a common joke between me and friends…’Hey bring me some vienna sausage when you come home.’ Or ‘How much does a can of vienna sausage cost there?’ And many more.

The thing is, sausages here are not canned as those we can buy from groceries but can be bought ‘freshly’ naked. Sorry that I don’t have a photo of the sausage stores but I will post it later this week.

There are diverse kinds of sausages: Kaesekrainer, bratwurst, Waldviertler, Debreziner, depending of what they’re made of and how they taste. In photo are frankfurters, ironically, they are called Wiener in Germany. Frankfurt is a town in Germany while Wien (Vienna) is the capital of Austria. 😉


  1. I love sausages especially the imported ones such as the Vienna Sausage. Local sausages don’t taste that good unless it’s the Chinese sausages called ‘Lap Cheong’. This is made of dried pork meat and they are heavenly though really induced with calories and fats.

  2. Hmm, could the Lap Cheong be the same as our longganisa? It’s spiced ground pork inside a skin that’s really nice for breakfast. The fresh sausages are better thn those in cans…hope I get the chance to bring you some! Take care Kyels!

  3. Who wouldn’t recognize Blue Danube? The melody reminds me of debutantes’ balls, frilly gowns, girls in pink. 😀

    Do you recall that night in June
    Upon the Danube River;
    We listened to the ländler-tune,
    We watched the moonbeams quiver.

  4. So true, Luna but before I would only do the ‘Tara ran tan tan…tan tan tan tan!’ hahaha. Yes, every ball has this waltz and also at school when we’re learning different dance steps…=D

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