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The Journey of the Homeless

April 7, 2008

At some point in our lives we reach the bottom, at those times we find ourselves abandoned, looking and hoping…it happens to anyone even those who don’t expect it.

Check out the story: http://thejourneyofthehomeless.blogspot.com/ and offer some help by just leaving a comment.

(Like whats said in Bee Movie, small things that adds up eventually becomes bigger!)

  1. I feel bad for that guy. I’m also touched by the help he’s getting from total strangers, especially Adrian. From the way he described the place, he either lives in Singapore or Malaysia.

  2. I guessed it could either be of the two also Panaderos,I see Nuffnang ads from Singapore bloggers…though I haven’t really asked where they are. I had a conversation with someone and I told him of this story, he asked why can’t he do work at a fastfood resto? =D

  3. must be tough being homeless when you used to be rich no? I hope he finds a job soon. He has a master’s degree, that will make things a little bit harder for him because employers will surely ask why he left his last job. BUT “Tough times don’t last, tough people do”.

    That Adrian guy is so sweet. Marami pa ring mabait na tao sa mundo 🙂 But you also can’t blame the Starbucks staff cause if you didn’t know the guy’s story maiinis ka nga naman kasi napaka- free loader nang dating. Which reminds me never to make any judgments unless I know a person’s story. Thanks for sharing this. Makes me feel really grateful for blogging in the comforts of my own home. 🙂 And it’s also a good reminder to SAVE!!! Kaloka. Kwento ko lang, you know how I said I would be taking a bank loan for a major project two years from now, I decided to ditch that idea yesterday 🙂 Basta.

    Last hirit ko na, ang kaloka sa lahat e si ex- girlfriend. That relationship must have ended badly para kailangang lumayas ka from your own home.

  4. Yeah Razz, actually when Harold and I were talking about his situation it seems a fastfood is easy but with a resume that says degree holder its difficult pala talaga…not talking about the person’s pride, mas issue ang preference ng employers ano?

    oo, the ex-gf is something but we don’t really know what has happened between them, maybe, just maybe she has been paying his debts too and was able to pay for the apartment in the process di ba? =D Let’s see what happens to his story…

    I don’t know about credit and stuff, if its good or not lol…but its good you decided not too, I feel its a good choice (what? instinct kuno! lol) And yes, do you write at home?

  5. Yes, I write at home like crypticmess. I used to work in Manila but I got tired of the daily commute. I used to live in Manila but after I gave birth naisip ko mas masarap ang buhay sa probinsya. Tapos nung dito na ko nakatira tapos sa Manila nagwo-work, nagsawa naman ako kaka-biyahe 🙂 I decided I might as well work from home and take care of my baby. Di ko naman kailangan nang maraming-maraming pera and I don’t need a fancy job title to make me happy (when I was young those two things seemed important) 🙂 I’ve learned to scale down my lifestyle too. It’s all good.

    Credit is both good and bad. It really depends on a lot of things, mainly interest rates and where you’re going to use the money. I had to learn using credit wisely the hard way. :p But I’m glad I learned pa nga.

  6. It’s all good, its funny we have the same outlook =) Money is not a priority…

    I had my share of running around the city (as writer/photographer) kahit short stint, and when I gave birth we stayed also sa Silang and since hubby is not around na ok na din kasama ko sina mama. It’s really convenient now to work at home…mas malaki pa nga salary pag freelance di ba? hehehe. Sana like ate Lhen you put up your articles online, ako walang kopya ng print kaya di ko din ma-iarchive dito. lol-

    I just see credit as ‘buwaya’ ganun lang, it’ll help you for the meantime but slave you in order to finish the pay up =D

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