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Disneyland Paris | MyTravel's Explorer Hotel | Paris

The Paris Experience – Arrival

January 30, 2008
The Paris/Disneyland trip was not planned ahead, hubby was mumbling about it for sometime but I didn’t took it seriously. Then it just happened, we boarded the City Airport train from Floridsdorf, hurried to the Vienna International Airport because the plane will leave at 7:20 and we only have that 20 minutes to do all the stuff you do at the airport…To think that Daniel’s stroller will be regarded as a baggage..hubby carried it all the way through while I have Daniel with me. We made it in time to Gate 3 only to find out that the flight has been delayed for another hour. =S

The two hour ride went smoothly, none of the kids throwing up or having ear pressure =P…we had a good meal though I unfortunately forgot what it was. We arrived at Charles deGaulle at 10P.M. local time. This is my second time to be in this airport and I still feel lost in its hugeness. We boarded a bus that will take us to the Hotel, My Travel’s Explorer at Marnee La Vallee. It took us another hour 20 minutes and the kids were able to sleep.

<---Can you spot hubby here? This is the lobby of the Hotel. The crew were really nice save for one who gave us 'very little' trouble before we left.

Having the theme ‘explorer/pirate,’ one can see boats, mermaids, ships and other sea creatures lying about.

The hotel boasts of 2 Bars, 3 Restaurants, a Disney Shop, an Explorer’s shop, indoor children’s corners, indoor adventure play area, heated indoor pool, with an adventure boat that leads one to the pool slide.

The hotel is approximately an 8-minute free shuttle ride to the Disney Parks and Disney® Village and Chessy TGV/RER regional train station. It was not as convenient though since passengers could fill up both from leaving and arriving to the hotel.

—> The kids sitting on a wooden chair at the lobby, still groggy from the very limited sleep they got. We went directly to our room, which was not easily found…there were many elevators yes, but they will lead you to certain floors. We eventually found our way, changed to PJ’s and went straight to sleep as fun awaits us the next morning.

<---Our hotel room, a room which our son, Charlie, would later on often ask to visit and stay at again.

  1. on a roadtrip pala kayo.. cant wait to see your travel shots! im sure the kids will have tons of fun in disneyland!

  2. Hi Doc! Tapos na ito, just a late jotting down. Thanks for the well wishes…they did have fun and as mentioned Charlie would always as us to ‘Mommy, balik tayo sa hotel!’ Hehehe. Good day!

  3. Your little girl mustered a smile for the camera kahit puyat at pagod.:) I once traveled with my 3 nephews to Boracay. Parang natuyo ang dugo ko sa kunsumisyon.:D I’m glad they could now travel on their own. Your kids are so lucky!

  4. Alexie always has that smile for mommy when she aims the camera =D. Mahirap nga to travel with kids…next time your nephews will carry your bags na lang, hindi na ikaw mag-aasikaso sa kanila!

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