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Toilet Trained!

February 19, 2009

Some weeks ago I shared how my little boy is not yet clean, from diapers that is. It took him more time than I expected to finally go through a day without wetting his underpants!

Today, he went alone by himself to the toilet to do his thing. He would only approach me to say that he was finished, had made lulu and had washed his hands.


It is an exciting milestone so to say, but a part of me keeps saying that my little boy is growing up and I would surely miss the baby in him…awww.

My little boy grew up a bit today!



  1. Wow, congrats, G!!! And a high five to your little boy too! 🙂

    We’re still not as successful with our “diva-lette” though… how’d you do it? Care to share?

  2. Hi Pinky! (Waves to cutie M!) I think the training diapers helped, since madali lang nya nahuhubad.For emewrgency purposes lang hehe. I always tell him not to wet the training diapers…that he needs to go to the toilet before the actual weewee…..aay paulit ulit na reminder lang talaga (2-3x an hour lol).

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