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August 26, 2010


(Taken 2008, printed for Working Mom Magazine’s monthly contest for the theme: Me and My teacher)

When hubby hasn’t introduced the PSP as a common gadget at home, my kids played with educational toys such as this one; wooden cubes with numbers, letters and pictures of things that the kids would identify. Big sister loves playing teacher to little boy. I’m not against PSP or any other game console, I play once in a while too, particularly that of Nintendo DS  games like Sudoku, mdas for kids and other mind-challenging games. I just like traditional toys because it’s not so  stressful to the eyes. 🙂


(Learning colors in five languages with the help of Lego blocks.)

I strongly believe kids can learn up to five languages, considering that their mind is not as congested as ours (adults). 🙂 I’m seizing the moment to teach them slowly, starting with the basics…e.g. numbers, animals, colors and so on. In this particular photo, it is with the help of their favorite Lego blocks. Sample? Red, pula, rot, rojo, aka….that’s English,  Tagalog, German, Spanish and Japanese….the order of which is our fluency.

(For the theme: Lights, Camera, Pose!)

Up to this day I am still a stagemom though I have not been active in submitting my kids’ photos to contests as much as I used too. I still carry my camera as much as I can and take photos of them…This photo of my daughter is the latest I submitted for a chance to be featured in a billboard. I received a confirmation from the organizers (NIDO) and I was told that this will appear sometime in August 28-29….oh that’s tomorrow at SM North Edsa…the boys’ photos will appear there too!

So in case you want your kid’s photo seen in a billboard, check out this page.


Join us!

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  1. That’s a nice educational toy for your kids in the first photo. Like your son, my four-year-old loves blocks, too, which he form into trains most of the time. You have a lovely daughter, Mommy! Thanks for sharing info about the NIDO promo.

  2. Pareho pala tayo,Mommy G!Mas gusto ko pa rin yung traditional toys–ayoko naman na magkatalikod ang mga anak ko because they’re doing their own psp or nintendo’s. Ewan ko ba at masyado akong makaluma lol!

    Goodluck sa photo contest, so ganda naman ng dalagita mo^_^

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Hi Sis, sorry you get lost about the FTF entry here’s the link …My Food Trip Friday here

    About your question on the origin of the Pinoys … there are a lot of theories about the origin of the Pinoys as there many researches who dig into the history of the origin, imagine if there are 1000 researches then probably there can be around a thousand theories also. so what I do is to collate all those researches and use the most relevant one… the most widely accepted theory .. that is we are of Malay in origin, the concept of Austronesian is also close as lately there are also studies that would prove to be.. but what is written on out textbooks are that of Malay… I don’t want to confuse students.. maybe later on like you now can do more research and read more.. although I often tell students that things are not absolute there can be new development…

    I think coming up with hate twits is out of line … thanks for dropping by..

  4. Hi, Mirage! Thanks to you, my son Justin will also be appearing in billboards this September. I’m really grateful I learned this NIDO billboard promo from you. Thank you again!

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