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August 13, 2010

Have you tried searching for HUD apartments for rent? Here, we call it in another name but like HUDs we live in a flat actually owned by the government and we used to get a subsidy too. We are on the 9th floor and ours has the last balcony, no roof. At times it’s annoying to see it really dirty from stuff accidentally or intentionally thrown from above. Most of the times though, especially mornings, the sun looks majestically wonderful, perhaps more beautiful than the view from that new hotel Dubai you often see featured among blogs. On lovely days, that is, when  the sun shines nicely, it’s cozy to sit at the balcony and watch the clouds crawl by. Play a bit of loco roco or monkey defense and yawn until you’re asleep. (The hubby prefers reading a book.) 😉

We have been in this flat a little over 5 years, I can’t say that it’s the best the city could offer but we still haven’t got a chance to move to a bigger and a better-located apartment/house. Maybe in 3 years time, we’d be able to save up and get a bigger flat (we currently have a 76 sq-mtrs, 3 room unit) with 4 or 3 bedrooms separate kitchen and living room. It’s free to dream so that’s what I’ll do now, who knows, I’d woke up one day in that dream house of mine…


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