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Putting Bargain Prices on Brand Name Clothing

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There are many phrases that are repeated so often that it can be easy to ignore or dismiss them. However, there is some truth in many of these sayings: Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Don’t switch horses midstream. You get what you pay for. You may have heard these words of wisdom over and over again, but they are often repeated because of the truths that they express. When it comes to buying clothing, it is true that you get what you pay for. So if you must stick carefully to a budget is it possible to find cheap name brand clothes?

Why Shop for Brand Names

First of all, it is important to understand why it’s so important to buy brand name. After all, why not just buy the cheaper stuff? There are several good reasons to stick with the brand name stuff:

  • Better Quality: Brand name items are usually made from superior materials. This means that the garment will hold its shape longer and the color of the fabric will remain much longer than on generic labels.
  • Expert Fit: It is natural to pay more for clothing that fits better. Any customization will cost a bit more.
  • Image: People are often willing to pay more for the name on the clothing. You may have some special pieces in your closet with brand names displayed prominently.
  • Unique and Trendy: It is cheaper for the manufacturer to roll out several copies of the same design than it is to come up with one new design after another. When you pay for more expensive brand names, you can feel more confident that you won’t show up at an event in the same outfit as your friends.

Identify the Items that Should be Brand Name

Next, determine which pieces are worth buying in brand name. You may be just as happy with several no-name pieces if you have a few fantastic brand name items. Even as you look for great bargains, it will be helpful for you to stay focused on the quality of the clothing you are searching for.

Know Where to Look

The Internet is a great place to find bargain items of clothing. In order to find them, you’ll need a good combination of search terms. Mix together words like “bargain” and “discount” with the specific brand that you’d like to purchase. There are some great online stores that offer discounted brand name clothing from different manufacturers. Sometimes those items are leftover from holiday sales or have become overstocked. They may also be clothing that has been cleared out when new seasons bring new merchandise.

How to Stay Informed

When you find an online store that offers the brand name items that you prefer, sign up for their email promotions, follow their social media blurbs, and bookmark their blog. You may find that you have access to sales and promotions that can bring the already discounted prices down even further.

Shop During Bargain Seasons

Finally, make sure that you know when the best times to shop take place. These are typically the times when one season changes to another and right after holidays. These are the times when manufacturers are most likely to clear out their old inventory. That means low prices for bargain hunters.

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Don’t Go to Urban Outfitters for Your Work Casuals… or Even Weekend Ensembles Anymore

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What was once a Mecca for teen and young adult women and men to find quirky and work-appropriate clothing is now tumbling down. Urban Outfitters’ styles used to be quite the clothing of choice, especially for young adults. Now, according to CBS News, Urban still hasn’t found its niche in the fashion world.

One of the main reasons this has happened is that other companies have found their grooves between affordability, trends, and clothing replenishment. Forever 21, popular clothing store for teens, is one place that keeps their garment selection affordable, fresh, and always up-to-date in the fashion world. Teens and young adult women entering the work world for the first time can poke around and almost always find something that they like, or something that is trending.

Urban Outfitters has most certainly had the reputation for having stylish and super progressive clothing options, however pricey. It’s always an investment to shop at Urban, with their cute skinny jeans starting around $55. Though the quality is quite solid and clothing from Urban Outfitters tends to outlast clothing bought from Forever 21, young professionals aren’t really considering longevity as much as affordability or a cause. It’s much easier to justify purchasing fifteen items for $100 at Forever 21 than one item for $100 from Urban Outfitters. Even purchasing slightly more expensive items that are recycled, or that give back in some way offer more incentive than something for the same price that doesn’t give back in any capacity.

Another reason why Urban Outfitters sort of fell off the fashion grid is because while it can be stylish, the clothing styles can become outdated pretty rapidly. Styles and trends are always changing in the fashion realm and places like Forever 21 and H & M are two places that really cater to these changing trends. They refresh the clothing in their stores often enough, and keep their prices low enough to keep customers coming back for more. Typically young adults feel like they aren’t losing much if they buy from Forever 21 or H & M because of the low price. If the style changes quickly, they won’t have lost too much money.

One of the suggestions to Urban Outfitters to better their business is to stop trying to cater to the younger crowd and perhaps turn their attention toward the mid twenty-somethings and older. The reason being, the older crowds tend to have much more disposable income and can afford to lose more than those younger Millennials barely old enough to drink can. Younger workers typically have a lower income that limits them from being able to buy whatever they want, whenever they want.

Urban Outfitters will likely have to cut prices to get rid of excess clothing that has had a hard time selling. Since sales have decreased over the past five quarters for them, it would be a wise decision for Urban to consider changing a few factors about their approach to selling clothing. If it’s too difficult to lower prices too much, they should definitely consider aiming at a different demographic and see if sales increase at all. Until they do, it’s likely their sales will not be on the up and up, and the Forever 21s of the merchandizing world will continue to dominate the retail clothing scene.


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