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Simple Rules for Evening Wear

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Whether you’re headed out for a work Christmas party or for a summer barbecue, the event should always help to determine your outfit. The rules of dressing for the evening are much different than dressing for a day at the office or a day at the park with friends. Rather than making a fool of yourself when you show up to a black-tie event in jeans and a T-shirt, follow these simple rules for dressing for evening events.

Picking Your Shoes

It’s best to opt for a single sole pump for every evening event. Try hard to avoid platform shoes. This rule is especially important if your skirt hits above the knee.

Before choosing a pair of shoes, keep in mind the length of time you will be wearing them. While those six inch stilettos may look great, they are unrealistic if you plan to be on your feet for a long period of time. If you aren’t used to heels, keep your heel height at a two inch maximum. Before your evening out, spend some time walking in the shoes you plan to wear to ensure that you are prepared for an entire evening in them.

Choosing a Color and Length

Your closet staples should include navy, black, and red as your go-to colors. If you want to shake things up a little and go for something less classic and a little more daring, pick up something in a jewel tone. Add a jewel toned scarf or evening clutch bags to a classic, neutral piece to spice things up and stay in your comfort zone.

When choosing a dress, the length of your skirt has a lot to do with how you present yourself. Remember that the shorter your dress is, the higher the neckline should be. Avoid embarrassing situations with a dress that is the appropriate length.

Blend Day and Evening Wear

When done right, blending your day and evening wear can make you look especially chic. Try knitwear for the evening to keep things casual even as you dress them up. Add a knit top to a statement skirt for added contrast.

Work Around Your Jewelry

If you want to make a statement with a piece of jewelry, start there and design your outfit around that piece. Keep one bold piece of jewelry, but make sure your other pieces are more subtle. If you plan to wear your hair up or your dress has a higher neckline, it may be a good idea to choose statement earrings. If you choose to make a statement with your earrings, keep your necklace and bracelets subtle.

Avoid Experiments

If you’re getting ready for a night out on the town, and you have the perfect outfit picked out, now is not the time to experiment with your hair and makeup. You risk looking like a clown if things don’t work out right, or running out of time if you are forced to redo your entire look. Keep it simple and subtle, and stick to things you can plan beforehand to make your statement.

Make a Statement With Comfort

Done right, you evening out can be comfortable and stylish. Stick with pieces you know you feel good in, and give yourself enough time to plan and primp.


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Standout Pageant Dresses

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Perhaps the most important component of the pageant circuit and protocol is the dress- this holds true for girls of twenty years of age, to little ones of two. The pageant dress is something that will be preserved and cherished, win or lose, as a monumental memento of life’s milestones for the young miss who participates in these traditional events.

Some participants may find it challenging to find the ideal pageant dress locally, and in popular pageant areas including the southern United States, it may be impossible to find unique and one-of-a-kind dresses without the services of a personal seamstress or tailor. For this reason, it might be prudent to expand dress shopping to online retail venues, as the wider and more expansive selection and availability seem more likely to yield an uncommon dress. There are specialty sites and dedicated vendors that make pageants their business, and that provide all of pomp and circumstance that go along with this coming-of-age hallmark in a young woman’s life.

pageant dresses

Miss World 2013

Ease of shopping and convenient delivery of acquiesced gowns with online orders, and the sizing available through these merchants could prove more versatile and flexible as well. Dressmakers are often utilized to ensure accurate fit before dresses go out to consumers, and there may be some service provision regarding alterations should the need arise. Among those consumers that shop girls pageant dresses at PageantDesigns.com, there was an overwhelmingly positive response to the service and quality of products offered, with prices that compete with even the most reasonable retailer found in local regions.

The feedback of customers who have used such sites for similar needs of current shoppers is a valuable tool to gauge the best merchants to order from. Access to customer support is important, and those offering toll-free phone lines in addition to cyber communication methods are preferred. This gives consumers the option of speaking to a real, live person in the event of an issue, problem, or query. Seek out posted policies on returns and exchanges before deciding which pageant dress merchant is the most appealing when seeking to order a dazzling dress!


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Long, trendy bridesmaid dresses

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Long bridesmaid dresses are a hot trend for weddings this season. There are several creative details that are helping to boost the popularity of these dresses. Here are some of the style details that make these dresses so desirable.

long bridesmaid dress

in brass


Floor length bridesmaids dresses can have lace embroidery on the bodice. This adds interest to the traditional design and allows a bridesmaid to look elegant without stealing attention from the bride. For instance, flower designs may be incorporated into the embroidery as well as tiny leaf shapes and vines. This type of embroidery makes a bridesmaid’s dress stand out from the crowd of conventional bridesmaid dresses.

Layers of Fabric

Another stylish detail that makes this year’s floor length bridesmaid dresses so appealing is the fabric. Many of these dresses have drapes of fabric that cascade to the floor. A bridesmaid dress can even include a train that trails softly behind its wearer. These layers of fabric on a bridesmaid dress serve to flatter the figure of any woman.

A Variety of Colors

Finally, today’s floor length bridesmaid dresses are available in many attractive colors. A bride can choose a muted color such as beige or gray for her bridesmaids or perhaps she wants to make a bold statement with red. She has so many options she can choose a long dress with its own style details and unique color for each of her bridesmaids! This year’s wedding season is full of creative options for bridesmaids.


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A prom dress in your favorite color

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A girl who is searching for an affordable prom dress may find one online at us.ever-pretty.com. Many dresses sold here cost less than $100. These dresses are available in a variety of colors and styles.

Girls who are attending proms or formal dances during the winter holiday season will find long dresses in red, dark green, sapphire and navy blue.

A number of dresses in light colors are available for spring proms. Girls can choose dresses in light shades of pink, blue, green, yellow or purple.

in teal

Dresses that might be suitable for autumn dances come in brown, khaki and orange.

Shoppers who are looking for black dresses can choose from a number of styles. There are long strapless dresses and dresses with halter necks. Dresses with long sleeves are available. Those who like sparkles can buy black dresses with rhinestones or sequins. Strapless and sleeveless short black dresses are sold here.

There are dresses with floral prints and animal prints. Shoppers can choose floral print dresses in light or dark colors. Other dresses have sequins or polka dots.

Girls are likely to find dresses in their favorite style here. There are short strapless dresses and long dresses with long sleeves. Short dresses with full skirts and long fitted dresses are available.


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Dresses for the little Lady

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Looking for a dress or gown for your quinceanera? Here are some ideas….

Quinceanera dresses are elegant and bright-colored full-length gowns that are worn by girls in several countries to mark the celebration of childhood to adulthood. Many young women eagerly anticipate the quinceanera celebration, and they scrupulously search for the ideal dress for this momentous occasion. In Latin America and Mexico, the quinceanera dress is worn at a celebration of a young woman’s 15th birthday. During this event, the young woman walks in fashion show to show off the beautiful gown. This notable tradition continues to remain alive, and these princess-like dresses continue to be very attractive and picturesque garments.

gowns, ball dresses


In addition to wearing the dress to a traditional quinceanera celebration, many young women sport these stunning dresses to homecoming events, proms and weddings. Whether you choose a strapless, sweetheart neckline or a one-shoulder quinceanera dress, the elegant bodice will nicely show off your arms. Suitable for a variety of body shapes, the full tulle floor-length skirt is the perfect part of the dress that will help you bring out your defining moment at your celebration.

When you shop quinceanera dresses at DressProm.net, you will find various styles of beautifully-designed full-length gowns in different colors. Although the colors of the quinceanera dresses vary, each color perfectly suits each style. When you arrive to your event, you will certainly feel glamorous and sophisticated.


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Summer Staples: How to Look Good in A Maxi Dress

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Donning on a maxi dress is an effortless way of dressing up for any occasion. For several years now, maxi dresses have become a summer staple – something that women must have every turn of spring/summer season. Many designers have made gorgeously beautiful maxi dresses that easily makes you dressed up in seconds! It’s a one piece – no fuss piece of wardrobe to match classy or casual dress codes.

Unlike other popular summer fashion trends, it’s easy to pull off maxi dresses as there are styles and cuts to suit different body types. Some may find boy shorts, playsuits and body-con dresses appealing but once fitted, it may not really look the way it does on the model’s body. Maxi dresses easily hides less than flattering lumps and bumps from the previous winter and at the same time, it shows off the graceful lines of your neck and shoulders.

maxi dresses

printed, plain or colorful

To look good in a maxi dress, be sure to choose one that is long enough for your height. It should look casual without dragging or tripping you over. When looking for a maxi dress, choose one that just reaches your ankle. Petite women can also pull off these summer staple and can simple check out specialty stores catering to women 5’3” and under. Extra long maxis are also available for women who are exceptionally tall.

You can find a variety of colors, styles and prints for maxi design that suits every occasion, but bolder paisley prints are especially popular for summer season. African, animal and tribal prints paired with metallic gladiator sandals and hoop earrings will give you that cool ethnic and very chic summer look. Color block maxi dresses are also hot choices for lazy beach bumming or for a cool drink in the afternoon by the pool.

Maxi dresses are definitely that one dress that you can wear for an afternoon stroll and onwards for a barbeque party by the beach at night. Simply throw in a light cardigan to warm your bare shoulders or lay down your hair for that sultry boho vibe. So whether you’re looking for an outfit for a chill out night or casual wedding attire this summer, you can always go for a maxi dress to suit you up perfectly!


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