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Five Tips on How to Wear Cowboy Hats This Summer

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cowboy hats


If you have just recently added one or more cowboy hats to your wardrobe, then there are some important rules to know about wearing them.

  1. Wear the Right Size

Measure the crown of your head, about two finger widths above your eyebrow and just one above your ear. Rather than ordering the hat by hat size, order by your measurement. Your hat should sit just where you took the measurement.

  1. Adjust Your Hair Style

Most women understand the frustration of a bad hair day. If you don’t style your hair with the hat in mind, then you’ll end up with a combination of hat head and bad hair. There are three traditional styles for women with long hair:

  • Loose and Natural. You may want to pin back bangs or shorter hair in the front to keep it out of your face.
  • Pulled Back. Ponytails will need to be worn low in order to fit well with the hat, but are a traditional country hairstyle because of their practicality. Pigtails are a playful choice. These, again, need to worn low.
  • Braided. A thick braid or braided pigtails are two other practical options that look attractive and natural with straw hats.
  1. Plan Your Wardrobe

Of course, jeans and a t-shirt look great with a straw hat, but there are plenty of other options for the summer. Choose a flowing skirt with a white blouse or a set of casual slacks and a neutral shirt. Wearing a cowboy hat does not mean that the rest of your outfit has to be western-themed, especially since there are so many styles of cowboy hats. You always have the choice of going full country or using a more eclectic look.

  1. Remember Hat Etiquette

There are some clear rules for the wearing and handling of your hat. Remember these rules if you want to wear your hat successfully.

  • Don’t wear your hat backwards! Really, some people make this mistake. Take a look at the inside of your hat. There should be a small bow that indicates the back of the hat. If there are any adornments on the outside of the hat, such as feathers or buckles, these belong on the left side of the hat.
  • There are two basic methods of hat handling. One says to hold the brim at the front and at the back. The other school of thought is to use the crown of the hat, never the brim. Either way, remember that rough handling can weaken the structure of the hat, so keep it to a minimum.
  • Finally, never mess with another person’s hat.

However you wear it, your cowboy hat can help you take your fashion to a new level.


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How to Rock Shorts this ‘Cool’ Season

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Fickle-minded – appropriately, this is how the weather is to a woman deciding what to wear – in winter. Winter, it has been an odd one lately, with hints of spring already although it’s still 2 weeks to go. Well, it’s but natural to feel as though you’d want to get out of those layered clothing and into the sun. And what piece of wardrobe would best represent summer but shorts. So to get a feel of better days ahead, take out those shorts stacked behind the closet and show off some legs even in this “cool” season.

1. Corduroys. Get boyish, ox-blood corduroy shorts then pair with ankle-boots or your good ol’ DMs, a knitted top or marled sweater and you’re good to go. Throw in a pair of sheer stockings to not chill while walking out. My trick, I wear double stockings when I feel like the wind would be gushing that day.

2. Denims. They are one of 2013’s in thing, cut offs are particularly the trend. Pair off with a checkered shirt, tights and boots for that girly look.

3. Leather. Need I say more? How about getting up with sheer stockings, overknee boots and chiffon top perhaps? It’s edgy and girly at the same time, it’s all about mix and match to pull off this look.

4.Tweed. Being thick as a material, tweed are best to choose when the weather gets much colder than usual – that is if you opt not to wear pants. ^_^ A tight shirt, belt, tights and a pair of heels or mary jane platforms if you may to get that dapper look.

5. Plaid. Plaid suits are adorable, or any short suits for that matter. I’d go for  plaid shorts and a long matching jacket or a plain trenchcoat. This look goes well with heels but flat ankle boots or overknee boots would give you that fierce factor statement.

Consider mix-matching scarves, gloves and other accessories that will keep you warm when it’s below zero. Or not… coz remember, we sometimes need to sacrifice a bit of what we call comfort for the sake of fashion, here it calls that we let a bit of the cold seep through our skin. What do you think?

heels or boots, your call

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Bring the Sexy Back with the Right Pair of Shoes

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Women and shoes are almost synonymous with each other. For women, shoes are more than just protection from the elements. We women consider shoes as jewelry for our feet, a way with which we express ourselves. An edition of Elle Magazine quoted the great Kenneth Cole as saying, “When a woman puts on a pair of shoes in the morning, she’s making a commitment that’s going to last all day.” Those words can never be truer.

Nevertheless, as women age, it becomes harder to find the right pair of shoes. Even if you lived more than half of your life wearing and loving stilettos, time would come when you’d find yourself unable to endure the pain that usually comes with wearing those achingly high shoes. An even bigger cause of concern is the fact that the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists have concluded that even ballet flats can be as bad for the feet as stilettos are, as wearing this puts pressure on the knees, hips, and back. This increases a woman’s chances of developing arthritis. So what should you wear?

shoes from spartoo


Age and ballet flats aside, women should NEVER stop loving shoes. Giving up stilettos is a grieving process especially if you’ve worn these all your life. However, deciding on the right pair of shoes – that achingly stylish, yet pain-free pair – is bound to leave one in a quandary.

If you ask an orthopedic surgeon, he’ll tell you that ideally, a shoe should have a wide toe box and a narrow heel. Nevertheless, if you ask a woman, she’ll tell you that that kind of shoes is indubitably ugly. If you buy a pair that fits snugly in the heel but is too tight in the toes, you’d be subjecting your feet to damage. On the other hand, if you buy a pair that’s even half a size large to make your toes fit comfortably, your heels would slip out. The choices, or lack thereof, leave you asking, “What should I pick now?”

It’s simple, really. Simply look for foot-friendly features in shoes. When you set out to buy a pair or two, make sure you have time in your hands. Shoe shopping should never be done in haste. Certain brands, at every price point, have incorporated features into their shoes that have made their pairs more comfortable. While the idea seems time-consuming, take painstaking care to look for that pair that give you the height and comfort you need. Today’s wedges, platforms, and lower chunky heels add several inches to your height, and at the same time, these styles provide more cushion for your feet since they spread out the impact of each step you take; thus, there’s less pain in your feet. Gabor’s classy heels are a must see!

Earlier, I mentioned that ballet flats might be bad for your feet, too. However, if you’re left with no other choice, opt for a pair that doesn’t have a toe box that’s too narrow. In addition, make sure that the flats offer great arch support and that the inside seams are well covered to avoid rubbing on your skin, as this could cause blisters. Stuart Weitzman and Michael Kors have flat shoes with padded foot beds and offer plenty of support and shock absorption. Actually, a representative for Stuart Weitzman said that their “brand doesn’t only design sexy shoes for women of all ages but also pays attention to comfort, especially for older women”.

If a pair of shoes is made of soft leather especially around the upper part of the shoe, has flexible soles, has padded insoles, and comes in a variety of heights of heels, then you you’ve found an achingly stylish and pain-free pair of shoes. It’s not hard to bring the sexy back no matter how old you are, as long as you have a stylish and comfortable pair of shoes on your feet.


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Take out your Boots!

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my winter must

Comfortable and stylish shoes are very important to women, especially during the fall and winter seasons. Shoes that are designed with genuine leather and other natural shoe materials allow room for enhanced strength and flexibility to the sole of each foot, thereby protecting the ankles, leg muscles and knees. Shoes that are made with unnatural materials usually deteriorate fast and weaken the soles of the feet. Over time, these types of shoes can cause many foot ailments, such as ankle sprains, bunions, foot fractures and other ailments that result in inflammation of the joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles.

There are many shoes on the market that are made from unnatural materials. These types of shoes are often replicas of top-notch designs. Although these shoes appear attractive, it is more advantageous to invest in shoes made with natural materials. They last longer and protect the feet. Designed with the right materials, women’s shoes can exude great power and can also help to define the flair of any outfit.


ugg boots

It is extremely difficult to wear a pair of shoes throughout the day that causes foot cramps and bent toes. Hence, many shoe designers are now designing shoes to improve the firmness and stability of shoes, while simultaneously enhance the creativity and style of the woman. For instance, the womens uggs at SneakerKing.com are very stylish and can be worn on an everyday basis. The Ugg boots are designed with sheepskin and leather with fleece inside the boots. They provide warmth to the feet and legs.

Many women wear Ugg boots over slim pants or tights, and the soft colors of the boots work well different styles of clothing attire. Ugg boots are well suited for many of the latest fashion trends in women’s clothes. Made from UGGAustralia, the boots are designed perfectly for snowy days. Many women choose to wear Ugg boots during ski trips and other winter sporting activities. These boots are also great accessories for menswear and styles for children. In addition to the fashionable boots, UGGAustralia also designs comfortable flat shoes and slippers with fleece inside to also enhance the comfort levels of the shoes.


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She Who Dies with the Most Shoes Wins

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That each woman has a tendency to hoard particular items is a given. Be it bags, be it dresses or shoes, each of us has a closet full of them. I in particular lean to shoes that I even have a blog for them, “She Who Dies with the Most Shoes Wins.” You know, the imeldific trait or the I-don’t-care-how-much-they-cost attitude of Carrie in Sex and the City. You’ve probably spent a fortune without even knowing.

Guilty pleasures. That’s how we justify them. So let’s talk about shoes and anything related to them.

It is but natural to spend some bucks in the name of fashion. But aside from the shoes that fills up your closet, you should also spend on other things that would make walking with any given pair comfortable and less the hassle. Here are my top picks.

1. Strappy strips. Sandals, slingbacks or thongs…sexy, strappy and goes about with just anything…but those straps would cause friction and blisters. With these strips, you won’t even remember having them straps.

2. Shoe insoles. Cushion your soles as you walk down the red carpet…I mean, the pavement. With insoles that are comfy and soft, walking even with 3 inches up is not as painful.

3. Gel Spots. Sometimes, you cannot tell which part of your feet would have blisters or would be rubbed in when you put them shoes. Gel spots are your friend, they provide an invisible layer of cushion to avoid friction on particular feet areas.

4. Toe Gel Cushions. Your skin between the toe finger and the next gets the most when you wear thong sandals. To save them from being salvaged, insert these toe gel cushions so that your feet won’t slide out to prevent friction.

Our feet perhaps suffer the most among our body parts, with the weight it carries as we walk, whatever we wear and even the time we spent for their treatment could be minimal compared to when we get a facial or hair pampering. It is best to put some protection, for even though she who dies with the most shoes win, she whose feet is less glamorous or with a dead toe nail, loses.

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Thursday Brownies #39 – Boots and checkered skirt

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When it rains...

Hi everyone! 🙂 Still beating around the bush here, wet bushes 😀 as this April weather took on itself seriously. We call April weather as crazy weather so instead of having just a day full of sunshine, it would be windy in the morning, sunny at noon, raining in the afternoon….there’s even one time that it snowed! So there, I got to use the weather as an excuse to wear boots! 😀 Paired them boots with skirts since I don’t really like wearing jeans and water splatters always end up on the boots. I won’t worry about washing mud-dirty pants later. hihi

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