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The Running Shoe

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The Running Shoe - Designed to go the distance
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Bring the Sexy Back with the Right Pair of Shoes

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Women and shoes are almost synonymous with each other. For women, shoes are more than just protection from the elements. We women consider shoes as jewelry for our feet, a way with which we express ourselves. An edition of Elle Magazine quoted the great Kenneth Cole as saying, “When a woman puts on a pair of shoes in the morning, she’s making a commitment that’s going to last all day.” Those words can never be truer.

Nevertheless, as women age, it becomes harder to find the right pair of shoes. Even if you lived more than half of your life wearing and loving stilettos, time would come when you’d find yourself unable to endure the pain that usually comes with wearing those achingly high shoes. An even bigger cause of concern is the fact that the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists have concluded that even ballet flats can be as bad for the feet as stilettos are, as wearing this puts pressure on the knees, hips, and back. This increases a woman’s chances of developing arthritis. So what should you wear?

shoes from spartoo


Age and ballet flats aside, women should NEVER stop loving shoes. Giving up stilettos is a grieving process especially if you’ve worn these all your life. However, deciding on the right pair of shoes – that achingly stylish, yet pain-free pair – is bound to leave one in a quandary.

If you ask an orthopedic surgeon, he’ll tell you that ideally, a shoe should have a wide toe box and a narrow heel. Nevertheless, if you ask a woman, she’ll tell you that that kind of shoes is indubitably ugly. If you buy a pair that fits snugly in the heel but is too tight in the toes, you’d be subjecting your feet to damage. On the other hand, if you buy a pair that’s even half a size large to make your toes fit comfortably, your heels would slip out. The choices, or lack thereof, leave you asking, “What should I pick now?”

It’s simple, really. Simply look for foot-friendly features in shoes. When you set out to buy a pair or two, make sure you have time in your hands. Shoe shopping should never be done in haste. Certain brands, at every price point, have incorporated features into their shoes that have made their pairs more comfortable. While the idea seems time-consuming, take painstaking care to look for that pair that give you the height and comfort you need. Today’s wedges, platforms, and lower chunky heels add several inches to your height, and at the same time, these styles provide more cushion for your feet since they spread out the impact of each step you take; thus, there’s less pain in your feet. Gabor’s classy heels are a must see!

Earlier, I mentioned that ballet flats might be bad for your feet, too. However, if you’re left with no other choice, opt for a pair that doesn’t have a toe box that’s too narrow. In addition, make sure that the flats offer great arch support and that the inside seams are well covered to avoid rubbing on your skin, as this could cause blisters. Stuart Weitzman and Michael Kors have flat shoes with padded foot beds and offer plenty of support and shock absorption. Actually, a representative for Stuart Weitzman said that their “brand doesn’t only design sexy shoes for women of all ages but also pays attention to comfort, especially for older women”.

If a pair of shoes is made of soft leather especially around the upper part of the shoe, has flexible soles, has padded insoles, and comes in a variety of heights of heels, then you you’ve found an achingly stylish and pain-free pair of shoes. It’s not hard to bring the sexy back no matter how old you are, as long as you have a stylish and comfortable pair of shoes on your feet.


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The Importance of Arch Support in Shoes

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One or rather, two, body parts which often get neglected are your feet.  They’re the ones which get a lot of beating as you pound the earth beneath you, dragging your weight to get from point A to point B.  Although you probably spend a good deal of your time Facebook-ing or lounging in front of the TV, you still do have to get up and do some walking, if only to grab the remote from the other end of the room.  With all the hammering on your heels, your feet need all the care they can get.  That’s why it’s important to choose footwear with arch support.

The arches of your feet play the crucial role of giving stability and shock absorption to your feet, as they bear the weight of your body while helping you move forward.  Your foot arch is supported by joints, ligaments and muscles.  So when these are put under tremendous stress, it could result in injury.  If your shoes have ample arch support, you can be sure that any form of injury wouldn’t be bothering you anytime in the near or distant future.

reef boots

consider comfort and style – and being healthy too!

Whatever type of activity you engage yourself in; you’ll most likely find shoes to meet your arch support needs.  If you’re heading outdoors on a beach trip, for instance, you’d like to match comfort with style.  You can opt to wear one of them Reef Boots which not only look good but are also kind to your feet.  It’s good to know that there are shoe brands which put a premium on caring for your feet.  One of them is Reef Shoes.  They have a quilted foam footbed with anatomical arch support.

If you happen to be pregnant or flat footed, you have a need for a more specialized shoe to support your condition.  Made to order shoes may be your best bet, as they can be customized according to the shape of your arch.

The next time you buy a pair of shoes, always think about arch support.  No matter how stunningly gorgeous those stilettos are, comfort should always be your primary consideration.  Remember, happy feet make for happy travels.


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Women’s Trends: Yesterday and Today

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As 2012 roars to an end and 2013 rears its hopefully pretty head women are wearing classic pumps featuring pointy-toes. The toes aren’t extremely elongated as have been seen in the past but rather an almond or sharp shape contrary to a rounded toe box.

purple pumps

The classic pump has endured for years. Sometimes it is more in vogue than others, but you can’t go wrong with this shoe.

Women’s heels, no matter what the configuration, never really go out of style. Females know how flattering they are and would rather give up their mascara than their heels.

Chunky heels

Be on the lookout for chunkier heels in varying heights. A chunky heel is reminiscence of styles from the past and has a vintage vibe.


Some women prefer not wearing heels. These women opt for flats, which are being seen with cap toes. The cap on the toe can be textured or glossy, featuring rhinestones or spikes. The cap is a different color from the remainder of the shoe. This is a stellar way to wear flat shoes and still look extremely modish.


Remember loafers? If you are a woman of a certain age you certainly do. Loafers are comparable to slippers. They’re comfy, easy to get on and off and are available in jewel tones, metallic, animal prints and sparkly finishes as well as embellished with gleaming studs. Pick from velvet or suede and pair them with a great pair of pants.

Ankle boots

Boots are a must have unless you never venture outside during the winter months. A favorite trend is Chelsea boots which are reminiscent of the Beatle-inspired boots of the 1960s. Western- and motorcycle motivated boots are also a hot ticket. These boots are ankle length and casual.

nude heelsColor

When shopping for women’s heels or any shoe you must decide on a color. Black is versatile, of course, but there are so many hues to choose from it will make your head spin. Try shoes in dark turquoise, cavernous purple, royal blue, garnet red or burgundy. Shoes in rich, seductive colors turn an otherwise ordinary outfit into a show stopper.

Belted floral dresses

In 2013, work wear veers more toward the feminine. Belted floral dresses will be seen in the corporate arena. Waists are cinched, and length is a bit longer. This dress can be worn at the office and in the evening as well, looking completely appropriate in both settings.


Boucle suits, and jackets are in demand. Inspired by Coco Chanel, the jackets can be worn as separates or as with a skirt.

Boucle (‘boo-clay”) is French for ‘curl.’ It is a finely texture material consisting of three-ply yarn where one thread is looser. This creates a bumpy texture. Boucle was the creation of Chanel whose boucle jackets have been popular for more than three-quarters of a century. This jacket are is cropped and features three-quarter length sleeves. The jacket may have a flirty cut and swing when the wearer moves or it maybe cut more traditionally. This is a great jacket for work or for wearing with jeans.


A document clutch (handbag) is a must-have. It is designed to accommodate a small laptop or iPad.


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Take out your Boots!

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my winter must

Comfortable and stylish shoes are very important to women, especially during the fall and winter seasons. Shoes that are designed with genuine leather and other natural shoe materials allow room for enhanced strength and flexibility to the sole of each foot, thereby protecting the ankles, leg muscles and knees. Shoes that are made with unnatural materials usually deteriorate fast and weaken the soles of the feet. Over time, these types of shoes can cause many foot ailments, such as ankle sprains, bunions, foot fractures and other ailments that result in inflammation of the joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles.

There are many shoes on the market that are made from unnatural materials. These types of shoes are often replicas of top-notch designs. Although these shoes appear attractive, it is more advantageous to invest in shoes made with natural materials. They last longer and protect the feet. Designed with the right materials, women’s shoes can exude great power and can also help to define the flair of any outfit.


ugg boots

It is extremely difficult to wear a pair of shoes throughout the day that causes foot cramps and bent toes. Hence, many shoe designers are now designing shoes to improve the firmness and stability of shoes, while simultaneously enhance the creativity and style of the woman. For instance, the womens uggs at SneakerKing.com are very stylish and can be worn on an everyday basis. The Ugg boots are designed with sheepskin and leather with fleece inside the boots. They provide warmth to the feet and legs.

Many women wear Ugg boots over slim pants or tights, and the soft colors of the boots work well different styles of clothing attire. Ugg boots are well suited for many of the latest fashion trends in women’s clothes. Made from UGGAustralia, the boots are designed perfectly for snowy days. Many women choose to wear Ugg boots during ski trips and other winter sporting activities. These boots are also great accessories for menswear and styles for children. In addition to the fashionable boots, UGGAustralia also designs comfortable flat shoes and slippers with fleece inside to also enhance the comfort levels of the shoes.


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Dearfoams for Your Dear Soles

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The search for the most comfortable footwear is a constant.  Our feet are the most abused parts of our bodies and it is but right to give them the TLC that they deserve.   Dearfoams.com has what your dear soles need.  At first, you might think that this is a line of bedroom slippers.  But, it has come a long way from the foam cushioned slipper it was known for in the late 1940s.  Various styles and designs of this comfortable footwear are now in the market for people searching for an alternative to toe pinching and sole numbing shoes.


Dearfoams come in slippers, clogs, ballet flats, booties, moccasins, open-toe slippers, and thongs.  They are made of a combination of different materials from flannel, fleece, and terry to faux fur, foam rubber, and velour.  The colors and designs offer you plenty of options to choose from.  All Dearfoams are made with high-density foam cushioning.  Some are even enhanced with the addition of memory foam.   The bottom of the Dearfoams also varies depending on the style of footwear.  There is even a line using soft pliable outsole.  The Fold and Go line is a convenient way to have comfortable footwear wherever, whenever.

Shopping for Dearfoams can conveniently be done online.  The gallery of footwear can be filtered based on type, the latest styles, and bestsellers.  There is also a sizing guide to help you determine what size to order for the most comfortable fit.  The manufacturer of this cushioned footwear gives a 100% comfort guarantee.   Their customer service channels make them accessible to their customers through email, phone, and conventional mail.

Wearing the right footwear is more than just about fashion.  Wearing cushioned footwear will make you feel good inside and out as avoid foot injuries and ailments like plantar fasciitis.  Dearfoams is a stylish and affordable way to care for your dear soles.

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