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Jewelry Guide: Pearl earrings

  Pearl earrings are a timeless and classical choice in jewelry, and whether given as a gift or purchased for individual enjoyment, they are sure to be treasured and worn with pride. Earrings have the ability to completely transform a woman’s appearance and as a result, her confidence as well, and pearls in particular are a […]

Picking Jewelry for Her

  Whether there’s a special occasion to commemorate or just when you want to surprise a woman with a beautiful piece of jewelry, the first thing you should know is that there is no one correct way to do so. Jewelry is the perfect anytime gift, and you shouldn’t worry about buying the wrong piece. […]

For Women who Love Jewelry

  Wouldn’t you just love to wear the glittery diamond-studded necklace your favorite movie star wore to the red carpet of the last awards ceremonies?  Here’s the real deal:  those diamonds might not be real at all.  Even movie stars today are choosing to use diamond replicas or simulated diamonds in their jewelry.  You can go […]