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How to Take Your Look from Day to Night

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After a full day at the office, sometimes you may be called on to attend an evening work or networking event. There’s no time to go home and change clothes, and so you have to take what you are already wearing from day to evening. Fortunately, by carefully choosing what you put on in the morning, you can look stylish and fabulous at the any after-work event as if you have carefully picked out an outfit just for the occasion.

Make a Statement with Accessories

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Accessories are one of the easiest ways to change the look of your outfit on the fly because they are so easy to bring with you and swap out. Put a pair of jewel-toned shoes or a glittery clutch in your bag in the morning, and then put them on as you leave work to instantly get your outfit ready for evening. Unique, statement pieces like the ones from NastyGal are edgy and will spice up your evening outfit.

Change Your Outerwear

Put on a brightly colored blazer or sweater to jazz up even the most conservative work wear. Colored outerwear can also go with equally bright base layers for a bold look that turns heads. Alternatively, start with a neutral dress or pair of slacks and blouse for day, and then wear a chic coat or patterned sweater like the ones available at Shechet over it to up the wow-factor for evening.

Don’t Neglect Your Makeup

Switching up your makeup or hair is also a great way to freshen up your look for evening. As a general rule, evening makeup is a little heavier and darker than the look you probably wear during the day, so swipe on a little extra shadow or a darker lipstick. At the same time, let down your hair and brush it out. Loose locks are more relaxed for evening.

There are a lot of different ways to take your outfit from day to evening. With a few minor changes, you can look glamorous, put-together and ready for any after work event.


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Jewelry Guide: Pearl earrings

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Pearl earrings are a timeless and classical choice in jewelry, and whether given as a gift or purchased for individual enjoyment, they are sure to be treasured and worn with pride. Earrings have the ability to completely transform a woman’s appearance and as a result, her confidence as well, and pearls in particular are a rather versatile choice, as they can be worn either casually or formally. And on a practical note, pearls do not necessarily cost a small fortune, so even the most frugal shopper can find a pair of pearl-based earrings that won’t exceed a budget.

When shopping for earrings, you can start your search for the right pair by window shopping online. Pick a reputable jeweler such as National Pearl, and be sure to browse their entire selection. You’ll want to view all available options so you know what types of earrings are available, what to look for when choosing the right pair for yourself, and how much you can expect to spend on a desired pair.

Consider size of earrings first and foremost. Women with smaller facial features and bone structures should consider smaller sizes of earrings, while women with average or above average facial features would find a larger style of earring, such as dangling or tear drop, to be more complementing. If you’re purchasing a pair of pearl-based earrings as a gift for a woman, and you’re not certain as to what her personal style is, you can’t go wrong with a simple pair of stud earrings.

One of the best parts of choosing jewelry with stones in them is deciding on the color or colors you’d like to be included. Some earrings may have just one shade of pearls, while others may have multiple shades. Pearls are generally available in light or neutral shades, but black pearls are also a very fashion-forward choice, and can look striking when paired with certain types of metals.

Ultimately, choosing a pair of beautiful earrings can take a bit of time, but the research involved can be fun, since it gives you an opportunity to explore jewelry options that you may not have otherwise considered.


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Picking Jewelry for Her

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Whether there’s a special occasion to commemorate or just when you want to surprise a woman with a beautiful piece of jewelry, the first thing you should know is that there is no one correct way to do so. Jewelry is the perfect anytime gift, and you shouldn’t worry about buying the wrong piece. While it’s true that most women prefer silver over gold (for example) or gems (diamonds are touted as being a girl’s best friend, but many girls also like emeralds, rubies, and sapphires), so long as you take the time to pick a beautiful piece of jewelry, you can’t go wrong. It’s the thought that counts, after all.


Still there are some things you’ll want to take into consideration as you are browsing SerendipityDesignerJewelry.com, such as:

Gems: Natural or Synthetic? Natural gems may be your immediate preference, but keep in mind that naturally mined gems and precious metals are more expensive due to the time and effort involved with retrieving them. Also, natural gems may not have the bright colors or perfect cut that their lab-created counterparts do. Don’t overlook “synthetic” gems and metals. They’re just as real as the authentic ones. The big difference is that because they are grown in a scientific setting, their sizes, cuts, colors, and clarity can be better regulated and more defined.

The Cut of a Gemstone. Naturally found gems are actually rather rough and unappealing. It’s only after they have been harvested, cut, and polished, that their true beauty begins to shine through. If you’ve ever set foot in a jewelry store you have undoubtedly noticed that gems may have different cuts. Most gems are cut by a precise strike being hit between the crystal layers, which causes that section to break away cleanly. Multiple cuts of different sizes and angles are used to create different resulting shapes and designs not limited to square, round, triangle, rose, baguette, trilliant, and marquise.

Settings. Gems can be set into precious metals in many different fashions. Common settings include prong or shared prong settings, where tiny prongs extend upwards from the base of the ring or earring to hold the gem in place. Prong settings are most common in jewelry settings. But you will also find pave settings, in which gems lay flat and are placed very close together; as well as fancier settings, such as solitaire and bezel settings.

Deciding what type of gem, what cut of gem, and what setting of gem is only half the battle when it comes to purchasing jewelry as gift. You’ll also need to decide between a ring, a pair of earrings, a brooch, a necklace, or a bracelet. Of course, if you really want to give a memorable gift, feel free to choose more than one of the above.


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For Women who Love Jewelry

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Wouldn’t you just love to wear the glittery diamond-studded necklace your favorite movie star wore to the red carpet of the last awards ceremonies?  Here’s the real deal:  those diamonds might not be real at all.  Even movie stars today are choosing to use diamond replicas or simulated diamonds in their jewelry.  You can go to diamonius.com to see the different styles of diamond simulant jewelry available.  Meanwhile, take a look at the following benefits that you can take advantage of when you opt for simulated diamonds:

1.       Cheaper – there is no secret about it.  Real diamonds are so expensive and are often not affordable for people who have to work in a nine to five job, or even work multiple jobs, to feed a growing family.   These people deserve a taste of luxury too.  Simulated diamonds are more affordable, costing a mere fraction of the cost of real diamonds.

Diamonius2.       Flawless and realistic – simulated diamonds are the ideal substitute for real diamonds because they look virtually the same.  You cannot tell one from the other unless you use a special gemologist equipment.  They have the same cuts as real diamonds.  You can choose classic round or oval or you can go for the more intricate cuts like princess, marquise, or cushion.  There are earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets, and necklaces to suit whatever personality or lifestyle you have.   Whatever piece of synthetic diamond jewelry you choose will surely make you feel extra special and luxurious.

3.       Friendlier to the Community and Environment – you probably have heard about blood diamonds.  Diamond mining has been the subject of much controversy.   Slave labor, use of minors in mining activities, and diamond sales funding criminal, terrorist, and other hostile activities are just some of the issues associated with diamond mining.  Simulated diamonds do not cause harm to the community or the environment.  These diamond alternatives are manufactured in laboratories.  As a responsible corporate citizen, Diamonius even allocates 2.5% of their revenues to support orphans who are victims of unscrupulous mining activities.

There is nothing wrong with wearing fake diamonds.  They look the same as real diamonds anyway.  And if anyone asks, you can truthfully admit that you are wearing diamond simulants.  They are just as beautiful yet more affordable and environmentally friendly.  It’s how you wear these brilliant pieces of jewelry that makes them absolute standouts.


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How To Accessorize Your Evening Wear: Shawls & Bags

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When it’s time to dress up for a formal or semi formal occasion, many women turn to the little black dress in their closets. Whether you opt for a long black dress, a short cocktail dress, or a bright party dress, finding the right accessories to wear with your ensemble can make or break an outfit. Here are some tips on choosing the right evening shawls and evening bags for every special occasion.


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An Evening Shawl to Match the Mood

Depending on the type of evening shawl you choose, you can have a light, fun look, a comfortable, cozy look, or a sleek sexy look. It’s all in the fabric you choose and way you wear your shawl or scarf. Here are several ways to wear shawls for each mood and occasion.

Off the Shoulder Shawl – Wearing a shawl in this manner is traditional, yet sexy. Let it wrap lightly across your shoulders and slide off to the middle of your back, held by falling loosely across your arms. Choose a lightweight shawl in a satin or silk type fabric to match perfectly with a more formal dress. Wearing a shawl in this manner will help fight off a cool chill if someone’s got the air conditioner a little too high, or if the evening turns out not to be as warm as you expected when you purchased such a light and airy dress.

Draped – Choose a long cotton shawl and let it drape loosely down your back. This will show off your neckline and accentuate your chest. This style looks great with a bright colored dress underneath. Accessorize with jewelry that complements the shawl, being careful not to let them compete for attention.

Scarves – Similar to a shawl, but with less fabric, a scarf can be used in numerous ways to add texture to your evening look. You can tie a large knot off to the side, make a slim tie down the front, or wrap it around your neck for a winter look. Choose colors that complement and accent your dress. Contrast a patterned scarf with a solid dress, and vice versa.

Evening Bags With Class

When choosing an evening bag for your cocktail or party dress, it’s important to know your purpose. Are you trying to accessorize your look or simply have a place to store a few essentials? Do you want the bag to stand out, or be muted in the background? Depending on what your answers to these questions are, your style choice will vary.

One great rule of thumb for many occassions is to match your dress to your shoes or your jewelry. This will even out your color scheme and make it easy to find something perfect for any event. If, on the other hand, you’re wanting to make a statement with your evening bag, choose something with bling that doesn’t clash with your outfit. This is perfect for a long black evening gown or a solid colored party dress.

No matter what the occasion, choosing evening shawls and evening bags that will complement and accessorize your outfit is an important but often overlooked part of choosing your outfit. Take a few minutes to think about what look and mood you want, and you’ll be ready to choose just the right finishing touches for your special evening.

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Four Great Reasons to Purchase Glasses Online

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If you have purchased a pair of eyeglasses before, you know that there is a lot to consider.  Not only do you want to make sure that you have the right prescription so that your eyesight actually improves, but you want your glasses to look good.  Long gone are the days of frumpy looking glasses that serve their purpose without providing style.  You also want to find a pair of glasses that fits within your price range.  Many department stores that sell glasses tend to sell either expensive, name-brand glasses or glasses that are poorly made and look bad.  The best place to find inexpensive glasses that serve their purpose and still look good is online.  Below are four great reasons to purchase glasses online.

purchase glasses online

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1 – Convenience

By shopping for your eyeglasses online, you get to enjoy all of the conveniences that come from shopping in the comfort of your own home.  Not only can you take your time perusing through several varieties of glasses while in your pajamas, but you can avoid traffic and potentially pesky sales clerks.  Shopping online also provides you with the opportunity to compare several websites and several types of glasses with just a click of the button.  More and more people who wear glasses are switching from purchasing their glasses in department stores to purchasing their glasses online because of the convenience that online shopping provides.

2 – Lower Prices

If you are looking for cheap eyeglasses that are well made, you need to shop online.  Department stores often sell name brand glasses that are more expensive then generic glasses.  So does that mean that name brand glasses are of higher quality or that they look better than cheaper styles that you can find online?  Not necessarily.  When it comes to glasses with name brands, you are paying a higher price than you need to simply for a name and a logo on your glasses frame.  Consider shopping online if you want to find cheap eyeglasses that provide high quality without a high price tag.

3 – Testimonials

Before you purchase a pair of glasses, it is a good idea to listen to the opinions of others who have already purchased the pair of glasses that you are interested in.  When you shop for glasses at a department store, you cannot simply walk up to other customers in the store and ask them to tell you all about their experience with a pair of glasses that you are considering purchasing.  Besides, you would be lucky to find other customers in the exact same store at the exact same time that have experience with the glasses in question.  A huge perk that comes with purchasing glasses online is that you have the opportunity to read dozens of customer testimonials and reviews before purchasing your own pair of glasses.  Although it is best not to base your purchasing decision entirely on other peoples’ opinions, online testimonials can give you a good idea of what to expect before you make your decision.

4 – Selection

Another huge benefit of purchasing glasses online is that you are often provided with a larger selection of glasses than that which can be displayed at a department store.  Many websites that specialize in selling glasses provide you with numerous brands and styles to choose from.  Your shopping experience is made easier by websites that allow you to customize your glasses search according to price range, prescription type, gender, frame shape, frame material, style, size, and color of lens.  They also give you the ability to purchase several glasses accessories and other products such as sunglasses, goggles, glasses chains, cases, and lens cloths.  Most department stores do not have the kind of space required to showcase as many glasses as online stores are capable of.

Next time you need to buy a pair of eyeglasses, consider purchasing them online to enjoy a better shopping experience at a lower cost.

Article Written by Monica Reif of The Sprightly Shopper, Monica is a resident of Southern California and a constant annoyance to her local Starbucks Barrista, Follow her on Twitter @sprightlyshop


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