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Tips to Customize a Plain Hoodie

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Who doesn’t love a hoodie? They are the go-to article of clothing for casual comfort. It is so easy to just pull on a hoodie and go. There is no reason why this practical piece cannot add a little fun to a look, too. A bit of time and some creativity can help transform the common hoodie into something that expresses the individuality of the wearer. A plain hoodie is a great canvas for the imagination.

It is Never too Early to Think About Halloween


Sure, all the stores will have rows and rows of those flimsy Halloween costumes. They can be pretty expensive, and depending on the trick-or-treat location, may get hidden under a jacket anyway. A better solution may be to make a costume with a hoodie. Not only can it be much cooler than the store-bought version, most can be done fairly last minute. Plus, a hoodie will keep both little and big goblins warm during their haunts. Here a just a few ideas:

  • Shark
  • Octopus
  • Owl or any bird of prey
  • Wolf, skunk, or any favorite mammal—just add ears!
  • Unicorn
  • Alien


With some planning it is easy to involve a whole gang and create a themed set of costumes for a group. All that is needed is a bunch of cheap plain hoodies, felt, and some sewing or gluing supplies, and a whole family can rock Halloween as a band of dinosaurs. A terrific tutorial for this project can be found on the web at Ginger & George.

For the (Slightly Nerdy) Man That Has Everything

Finding that perfect gift for a guy can be challenging. Ideally, a gift would be both something meaningful and something he would actually use. Why not let a personalized hoodie come to the rescue? It can be the gift that keeps on giving. There are some great ideas out there for almost every kind of enthusiast. Here are a sampling of the possibilities:

  • The Vulcan Salute. This one is even animated, sort of, if a zippered hoodie is used. Zipped up, the design is a drawing of a right hand. Unzipped halfway, the wearer is sending the message to live long and prosper. Find the template at Man Made DIY.
  • The Gondor Hoodie. The hoodie may be the most Tolkien of casual clothing options. Any Ring fan would be delighted with a hoodie that sports the iconic tree design. Craft Sauce is the site that can help create the magic.

True to the Red, White, and Blue

One of the most striking, not to mention patriotic, transformations for a white hoodie is to recreate the Stars and Stripes. A healthy supply of fabric paint, some star cut outs, and a roll of tape can bring a wearable tribute to the flag to life. Check out Oh Pish Posh for the details.

There are any number of ways to make a hoodie unique. A personalized hoodie makes a great gift. Hoodies are a perfect place to start for a one-pf-a-kind costume. They are also terrific mementos for a family reunion. With a good set of instructions and the right craft materials, creating an original hoodie may be half the fun.



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Ways to Dress

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There are many different ways to dress, and many different idioms about how. However, what’s ultimately most important is that you dress appropriately for your circumstances. Don’t wear jeans when you’re going for a run, don’t bring your shorts to the board meeting, and so on. While this is all fairly obvious, what many aren’t aware is that you can in fact dress better for certain situations. The first thing to know is what garment to wear, but there’s another dimension of consideration beyond this that gets frequently overlooked.

mens' shorts

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Take shorts for example. There are many different variations on shorts: jean shorts, cargo shorts, golf shorts, and so on. However, just picking the right kind of short isn’t sufficient. You need to consider whether or not they’ll suit your purposes. Cargo shorts aren’t necessarily ideal for hiking; they might not be made of rugged material. You’ll want to look for shorts billed for hiking that have some palpable toughness to them. The same goes for workout shorts. They might be suitable for a leisurely trip to the gym, but will they see you through a marathon? There’s a difference between the materials used in baseline shorts or PeterMillar performance mens shorts, and that difference is borne out with action.

Dressing for the situation is important, but dressing for action is critical. If you’re planning on really getting the most out of your clothing, make sure you’re wearing the right grade of material. It can make the difference in your comfort and performance.


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Look Dapper and Dashing in a Tuxedo

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Whatever the special occasion, Pierro’s Formal Wear tuxedo rental Greenville SC will help make sure their customers look dapper and dashing. While many people would like to own a tuxedo, it is an expensive purchase and the simple truth is that sometimes the opportunities to wear such a purchase are so few and far between that the cost may not be worth it. With Pierro’s Formal Wear tuxedo rental Greenville SC, men will always be able to find the most current styles and a well-taken care of tuxedo whenever an event or gathering comes up on their calendar.

tuxA visit to this boutique shop will be a success for customers since the staff is trained to find the right tuxedo for each customer and make sure it fits to a tee. Whether the man in question is attending a wedding as the groom or groomsman, a prom, a lavish social gala or anything else that requires dressing to the nines, he will find the tuxedo that fits the occasion, as well as his physique. Pierro’s Formal Wear tuxedo rental Greenville SC features a large selection of every kind of tuxedo. Whether customers want a simple classic design or a designer piece, Pierro’s will make sure the customer finds the ideal tuxedo, so he’ll be able to make a memorable entrance. There is more to tuxedo rental Greenville SC than the tuxedos themselves. Customers often need accessories to help accentuate the handsome tuxedo, such as cuff links, cummerbunds, shoes and more.


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Why Buy Men’s Wear Wholesale?

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Trendy men’s wear is a costly affair. Clothing retailers are always hunting for best purchase deals that offer quality stocks at affordable prices so that they can retain their profit margins, while bargain shoppers await a bulk sale to stock their wardrobes at reasonable prices. Wholesalers offer quality products from manufacturers at competitive prices.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Mens Clothing

Both popular brands and wholesalers offer price discounts to retailers on bulk purchases, subject to a minimum order value or units. While big retailers, who enjoy a large client following, can afford to directly buy their requirements from manufacturers, small and medium retailers benefit from the lower order quantities available from wholesalers.

Depending on their locale and clientele, retailers either buy their clothing directly from the manufacturers or from the wholesalers, who in turn source their inventory from one or more famous brands. Wholesalers serve as a one-stop-shop
for retailers, as they sell products from multiple brands, offering a wider selection than when buying from a single manufacturer. Retailers can also make use of the diverse price ranges to shop according to their budgets.

wholesale mens clothingChoosing the Right Wholesaler

All wholesale purchases entail a conditional discount, but it is the actual difference between the retailing price and wholesale price that translates as profits. Wholesale or rather discounted prices do not mean poor quality. Retailers should, in fact, go for wholesale deals that offer the best quality and quantity for the price charged.

Retailers should also stick to wholesalers who deal with an inventory that is in tune with the current styles, to make sure that they showcase trendy outfits at their outlets.

Wholesale orders usually tend to lose time on shipping and delivery. Buying clothes from wholesalers who offer prompt delivery will ensure that retailers replenish their stocks to meet demand on time.

Shopping for Men’s Wear Online

Retailers can either choose to buy their stocks from local wholesale firms or choose to buy them at the online stores. Bulk purchases at the local stores are often quite tiring, given the elaborate range of products to choose from.

The main advantage of shopping for men’s wear online is that resellers and distributors can quickly and effortlessly browse through different categories of content, select the required items, and pay online to complete the process.

Retailers will also find it easier to skim the vast collection of latest styles in men’s wear, compare prices across different wholesalers dealing with the same brand or similar items, and opt for designer or casual wear based on their targeted customer niche.

Online shopping for men’s clothing also enables distributors or retailers to purchase the latest men’s wear from across the world, offering a better choice and prices to their customers.

Wholesalers not only cater to the bulk purchase requirements of distributors or re-sellers, but also to individuals looking for a cost-effective apparel package. Online wholesale firms also showcase assorted clothing packages with a select number of units of a given size, but in different colors or patterns, making them ideal for personal use without being embarrassingly repetitive. Alternatively, purchasing men’s wear in bulk may also meet the needs of family members, relatives and friends.

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Make Finding Big and Tall Menswear a Breeze

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Contrary to the belief of some people that shopping for men’s clothing is a breeze, it actually is the other way around. Finding the right clothes for men is a challenge in itself because literally, not all men are created equal. Unlike women who can wear short or mini dresses and still look good, men would look utterly awkward if they wore a pair of pants which is a tad too short or too long. 🙁

(Tall or not, you’d sometimes have problem getting clothes for yourself.)

Simply put, it’s not always easy to shop for men’s clothing especially when you have to take the height and built of the body into consideration. However, it can be done and the great thing about is that you can do so no matter what your budget is. The easiest way to go about shopping for big and tall menswear is by visiting actual stores. But always have someone else with you. It always pays to ask for the opinion of others especially when you don’t trust your judgment.

Make sure that your measurements are up-to-date. If the last time you took your measurements was when you were still in school, then forget about it. You may still look the same, but then looks can be deceiving, right? Suffice it to say, always get the right fit and the proper length. Of course, if you are hard-pressed to find the right fit, you can always turn to customized clothing. Check out our large collection of Big and Tall Menswear because it is easier that way than having to go through the trouble of finding a good tailor.

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