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Thursday Brownies #37

Spring officially starts March 20 this year but the weather, though sunny is still at 1° – 6° highest. It is also the best time to buy stuff…many items are on sale, online and offline, I mean on most shops around. Just like what I said on an earlier post, to save up from shopping buy stuff for summer during winter inventory sales and buy for winter on summer inventory sales. 🙂

Amazon offers a lot of designs like this ankle boots that I bought earlier just in time for spring. I was leaning on either black or this, a dark camel shade  and decided to take this more earthly color since I often buy black.

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  1. i have never really tried wedges, since I am not good with heels + tall shoes, but this one looks really nice + comfy enough to wear while you walk around the city…

    linking up again this week, sis ^_^

  2. yay! my daughter will love this, esp if its on sale:) were kind of mother-daughter team who advocates frugality, lol
    she’s been asking her tita to send her ankle boots (ayaw gumastos sa sariling pera^_^).

    good luck to your shopping hunt.

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