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Thursday Brownies #39 – Boots and checkered skirt

When it rains...

Hi everyone! 🙂 Still beating around the bush here, wet bushes 😀 as this April weather took on itself seriously. We call April weather as crazy weather so instead of having just a day full of sunshine, it would be windy in the morning, sunny at noon, raining in the afternoon….there’s even one time that it snowed! So there, I got to use the weather as an excuse to wear boots! 😀 Paired them boots with skirts since I don’t really like wearing jeans and water splatters always end up on the boots. I won’t worry about washing mud-dirty pants later. hihi

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  1. our weather is crazy too here Si 🙁 you are not alone, yesterday was 80’s but windy, now it is 40’s and cold 🙁 what is going on with mother nature 🙁 btw, I love the boots and skirt Sis 🙂 and look at those sexy legs too 🙂 Dropping by from Thursday Brownies

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