Equestrian Look For Autumn

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I got inside a shoe shop recently and most of the inventory now displays autumn and winter footwear. Whew, talk about summer breeze, it literally just went through. With autumn just around the corner and with my riding boots worn out from last season, I am in search for something similar, probably one with a bit higher heels though.

For I consider myself old-school, I would go for something perennial; an equestrienne look for autumn. Non-equestrians can always be chic sporting this look ranging from white shirts, tight jodhpurs (trousers will do),  tweed or other hacking jackets and leather riding boots. But, to take inspiration, one can actually get pieces from a rider’s overall look and play mix and match.

Don’t be all too-horsey…

I take inspiration from an extensive collection of horse riding wear from Equestrian Clearance. Jodhpurs, or pants that have comfortable makes and tight fit are best for autumn, not too warm nor too cold for the wearer. I chose this tweed Caldene Jacket -cut over a pussy bow white top, although one with sleeves would have been better. If you may, buckles and belts; reminiscent of  horses add elegance and class to your overall look.

You can also pull this look with a tweed skirt matched with a riding-coat cut, riding boots and of course, a saddle bag to complete the look. Stick with trending colors brown, chestnut, deep maroons , hints of blues and olive accents.

horse riding wear
Pair up with skirt

The equestrian look is a definitely one that will never go out of style. Designers always take inspiration from this trend. History does repeats itself especially in the fashion world. Fashion giant Tommy Hilfiger presented this look at the New York Fashion Week sometime ago,  long riding-coat cut tweed and riding boots plus a riding helmet accentuated with silk scarves, classic!

horse riding wear
Tommy Hilfiger
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  1. joy

    I like the last photo on Tommy Hilfiger, classic yet elegant 🙂

  2. Tori

    Definitely rocking it! Love your picks!

  3. Sharah

    Yeah, I really like the last tommy hilfigeer look as well…tho it’s really shoes that I am into 🙂

  4. Franc Ramon

    Equestrian look is definitely elegant and by that standards it doesn’t get out of style.

  5. Ness

    I love wearing jackets specially at work. They always look professional and still elegant.

  6. Bev

    I agree, the last photo looks elegant.

  7. Yaniconquistadora (@YaniMetrado)

    Very classy 🙂 I’m wondering when could I possibly wear a nice equestrian outfit as those posted above. By the way, the first person that popped up in my mind was Mikee Cojuanco.

  8. marri

    This collection is so fashionable yet the equestrian inspiration is visibly attractive.

  9. Hazelhttp://

    Tweed jackets so remind me of Ladies in Lavender. That helmet on TH’s presentation is to me the concluding factor of the entire ensemble.

  10. Stef

    I love all the boots! I agree with Joy, the T.H. model looked so elegant in her set.

  11. rachelle

    i like the tweed skirt. looks like it never goes out of style.

  12. Gene

    Of course, not only are equestrians great athletes, they have to be fashionable too. I love the first set, particularly the bag and boots. What brand is the brown bag?


    It seems like all equestrians look chic. Those boots are fierce!

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